Poojaa Prakash Babu girls squash athlete of the week

Athletes of the Week (Week of January 22, 2020)


Poojaa Prakash Babu ‘21- Girls Varsity Squash

Poojaa has played an integral role in the success of the girls varsity squash team’s season. Her tremendous work ethic and concentrated mental focus paid off in a tremendous, three games to one, match victory on Wednesday at Berkshire.  After falling 8-11 in the first game, she ground out wins of 12-10, 11-7 and 16-14! Her competitive nature allowed her to push forward while in extra points in two of the four games putting her endurance on full display. She played hard, smart and with total concentration and she prevailed in games that could easily have made the match go the other way. Poojaa’s resilience and dedication has inspired her teammates to bring the same mentality to every practice and match. The team will continue to rely on Pooja as they head through the remainder of the season.

Steven Wang ’20- Boys Varsity Squash

Steven has been a boon to the boys varsity squash program this season. This past week, in an inter-team challenge match against the Wildcats reigning number 3, Steven managed to defy the odds and win in 4 games, catapulting himself to a higher position on the ladder. After the match, Steven demonstrated good sportsmanship by providing an objective critique of the match and complementing his opponent for putting up a great fight. He proved to own a “team first” mentality on Saturday in the team’s match against Suffield. Despite being unable to compete, he showed tremendous support for the rest of his team as he provided an uplifting spirit and some crucial in-match feedback to his teammates between games. With his calm demeanor and analytical approach to the sport, Steven no doubt was able to give each of his teammates a competitive edge in their match-ups. The Wildcats will continue to look towards Steven for his positivity and strong play.

Nick Heafey ’20- Boys Varsity Basketball

Nick has been instrumental for the boys varsity basketball team so far this season. On Wednesday, he was a huge part of the team’s victory over rival Suffield Academy. Nick scored 11 points, going three for six from the three-point line. He was able to lock down defenders by flying all over the court, bringing an unmatched intensity to the game. This made it hard for his opponents to get in any sort of rhythm. His performance aside, it’s the intangibles that really sets Nick apart. He brings an intense work ethic to every practice, pushing himself and his teammates to improve their games daily. His approach and leadership by example are a big reason the Cats have won the last 3 games. The team will need Nick to be at his best as they move through their challenging season.

Julia Farnham ’20- Girls Varsity Basketball

Julia has been a terrific leader for the girls varsity basketball team all season. This was no more apparent than this past Saturday when the team took on a very strong Cushing squad shorthanded.  Julia exhibited leadership throughout the game with her tenacious, poised play on the floor and her constant encouragement of her teammates. Additionally, she scored 5 points, had 4 rebounds and 3 steals. Her statistics don’t tell the full story as she demonstrated strong leadership throughout the contest.  The team will continue to rely on Julia as the season unfolds.  Her “team first” attitude, positive spirit, and relentless effort are just some of the many attributes she brings to the team each day!

Cam Huntley ‘21-Varsity Wrestling

Cam has improved steadily in his first year on the varsity wrestling squad. On Saturday, his drastic improvement came to a head and was excruciatingly close to his first career win. He inspired everyone in the room with his comeback, near victory, and set the table for a great last round from the whole team. Cam has a great work ethic and positive attitude that makes him a great teammate as well as competitor. The attributes the he brings with him to the mat everyday have made him into a fantastic role model for everyone on the squad. The team looks forward to his continued growth this season.

Emily Crovo ’23- Girls Varsity Hockey

Emily, a newcomer to the Wildcats girls hockey program, has been a wonderful addition to the squad. She brings a relentless work ethic, playing smart and hard all over the ice during every practice and game. This past week, she stepped up in a big way scoring two game winning goals for the Cats and assisting on the other goal scored.  The first came at Berkshire when she planted herself in front of the goalie and tipped in a shot with 53 seconds to go on a power play. On Friday night against St. Mark’s, she scored another power play goal putting in a rebound and added yet another assist. She has proven to be both an incredibly gritty player but also lends incredible skill, making her the best of both types of players. Emily has brought an uplifting attitude to the squad as her excitement for the game has become contagious impacting her team much more than just on the stat sheet. The team looks forward to Emily’s continued impact this season.

Jack Coscia ’23- Boys Varsity Swimming and Diving

Jack has been a major piece in the puzzle of success for the boys varsity swimming and diving team this season. On Saturday, his strong performance allowed him to win the 200 and 500 freestyle, leading the team over St. George’s. He has been on a roll so far this year, as he has not lost to an opponent in either of these two events. His effort and determination have helped lead the team to a 2-0 start. Jack is one of the hardest working athletes both in and out of the pool. He consistently brings a positive attitude and willingness to push past his limitations every day in practice and at meets. By doing so, Jack has created a positive example for all his teammates. He is a perfect example of hard work paying dividends. The team will continue to rely on Jack for his point scoring ability and look forward to his continued growth as they move through the rest of the season.

Harini Murugan ‘22– Girls JV Squash

Harini has been a positive addition to the girls JV squash program this season. New to squash, she has worked hard to pick up the rules of the game and has learned from each practice and match. Last Wednesday in a home match against Westminster, she demonstrated how mental toughness can help an athlete stay competitive in the game. After falling in the first two games, she was determined to play hard and stay competitive. This feat allowed her to win her last game 14-12. In addition to proving her mental toughness, it also proved that she has the endurance to play through extra points and compete late in matches. Harini provided an example for her teammates by never giving up and by giving all of herself to the match and to her team.

JunSeok Hwang ’23- Thirds Squash

JunSeok has been a strong contributor for the Wildcats thirds squash program this season. This week his contributions continued as he played a hard-fought match on Saturday on the road against Bement. Playing up a slot at #6, he lost the first game 3-11 before picking up the second game in close fought fashion 11-9 to make the game score 1 all. Losing the third game, JunSeok dug deep and pulled out close victories in the final two games 11-8 and 11-9 to clinch the best of five series 3-2. He demonstrated a fierce competitiveness and was able to keep his emotions in check, allowing him to edge out his opponent. JunSeok has worked hard to improve his game and he was able to apply his newly developed skills to the match. Without a doubt his work ethic in practice secured his victory as he played his best match of the season so far. JunSeok provided an excellent example to all his teammates that hard work, a positive attitude and determination can pay dividends. The Cats will continue to rely on JunSeok as they head through the remainder of the season.

Louisa Coughlin ‘23-Girls JV Hockey

Louisa has been playing great for the girls JV hockey program so far this season. In the team’s recent 7-4 win over Berkshire, she led the way with 2 goals and 3 assists. Her efforts as a player go beyond the scoreboard, as demonstrated by her unselfish play, support for her teammates, and her desire to see them succeed. A hard-working and skilled defenseman, Louisa sets a high standard for her teammates to follow.  Her solid play at defense makes it tough for any opponent to get by her. She currently has 9 points in four games, by netting 5 goals and adding 4 assists, a tremendous start to the year. Louisa works hard to be her best self every day and by doing so has inspired her teammates to do the same.

Austin Conroy ’23- Boys JV Squash

Austin is a key member of the Boys JV Squash team this season as he consistently displays purpose, passion, and integrity on and off the court. Austin’s focus and purpose define his mindset because he takes practices seriously and understands that each practice counts toward future match wins. His passion for squash is evident through his coachability, as he consistently pushes himself to learn and apply techniques given to him during every practice and match. He exemplifies integrity and a team first type player, always providing a much need confidence boost to his teammates during particularly trying times on the court. Austin is an asset to Williston’s squash program, and the team looks forward to his future contributions.

Avery Brooks ‘23-Girls JV Basketball

Avery proves to be an essential component of the girls JV basketball team each time she steps foot on the court. Her hustle and attitude are admired by her teammates as she does everything and anything that is asked of her without complaints. She is a versatile and dynamic member of the team, often splitting time between playing at shooting guard and at forward. Her defensive efforts are impressive as she often lays her body on the line to retrieve or recover a loose ball, typically ending up in a successful possession. Her teammates will look to her for the rest of the season to continue to bring heart to the game, and her coaches are very excited to continue working with her and watching her excel.

Adam Thistlethwaite ’21- Boys JV Hockey

Adam has had a great start to the season for the boys JV hockey team. In the last game against the Palm Beach Hawks, Adam scored twice and had one assist to lead the Wildcats to victory. Additionally, he was dominant physically bringing an innate playmaking presence at both ends of the ice. He has great hockey sense and vision, which makes him a great line mate, and a player the team can rely on to perform in any situation. Adam is dedicated to practicing and playing hard, always bringing a positive force to the team chemistry. Due to his intangible attributes, he was elected as an assistant captain for the Wildcats. He has been a fantastic role model for the team as he has been dedicated to supporting his teammates and always maintaining the highest level of sportsmanship. The team will need Adam’s leadership and strong play for the remainder of the season.

Colin Larson ‘24- Boys 4ths Basketball

Colin has been an important piece of the boys fourths basketball team this season. He contributed tremendously to the team’s two victories over Kingswood-Oxford and Bement this week. Not only was Colin the Mighty Fourths’ top scorer of the week, earning 24 points against K-O and 12 points against Bement, he also showed outstanding leadership in both games by encouraging and supporting his teammates on and off the court. The Wildcats look forward to Colin’s continued leadership as the season progresses and they will continue to lean on him for his inspiring play on the floor.