Athletes of the Week


Vishnu Sekar ‘19 and Joey Robbins ’19- Boys Varsity Squash

Vishnu and Joey have been vital to the success of the Wildcats this season. This past week, both players vanquished very seasoned and tenacious opponents from Loomis on Saturday, helping to put the team within striking distance of Loomis Chaffee for the first time in 10 seasons! Both boys battled, went down, rallied, and eventually triumphed, showing a combination of determination and progress that allowed them to have those opportunities. Joey and Vishnu deserve a great deal of credit and recognition for fighting hard to earn the victories in their last home matches as Wildcats. The team and coaches have been so proud of their hard work, determination and growth on and off the court this season.

Maura Holden ‘19- Girls Varsity Hockey

Maura has been an impact player for the girls varsity hockey team all season long. Her important and strong play continued this week as she had a hand in all the goals scored on Wednesday in the Wildcats 4-0 win over NMH, scoring 1 goal and adding 3 assists. Her hot streak continued into Saturday in the team’s important match-up against Loomis, tallying 2 more points with a goal and an assist in the win. She has been a tremendous contributor on the ice as well as a consistent leader as the team’s captain.  Her work ethic is unmatched, consistently providing a positive example for her teammates. Maura brings positivity to every practice and game lifting her teammates each and every day!

William Gunn ‘20- Varsity Wrestling

As the varsity wrestling teams captain, William is the most dedicated wrestler, as well as the team’s emotional leader. He role models determination, growth mindset, positive leadership, and hard work every day.  His season has been quite remarkable with just 3 losses on the year heading into the NEPSAC championships this past weekend. Unseeded heading into the weekend, he went 3-2 and took 5th overall in New England; placing him higher then three seeded wrestlers who had beaten him in the past as well as qualifying him for the Prep Nationals next weekend at Lehigh University. More importantly he represented Williston extremely well and was the only point scorer at the tournament this weekend.  He managed to place the team 32nd out of 44 teams competing. William has a bright future in the sport of wrestling and the team looks forward to his continued growth on the mat.

Cristina Negron ‘22- Girls Varsity Basketball

Cristina has been a staple to the success of the Wildcats all season long. On Saturday, her spectacular play continued as she played a strong game against Cheshire. She was poised under pressure and ended the night with 19 points, 12 of which were from the three-point land. She hit timely shots that kept the girls’ varsity basketball team in the game down the stretch. Cristina works incredibly hard in all aspects of her game and her efforts have clearly paid dividends. She is consistently one of the hardest workers in the weight room and on the court and, by doing so, she has led by example all season. The Wildcats look forward to Cristina’s continued growth and contributions as they head into the final stretch of the regular season.

Aidan Burke ’19 – Varsity Boys Basketball

Aidan has been the consummate teammate throughout his senior season.  He brings tremendous consistency to all aspects of his contribution to the team’s success.  He is an outstanding teammate who leads by example and always impacts the team through his infectious energy, positive leadership and reliable example. Whether it is contributing valuable minutes in a game, leading his teammates from the bench, or simply showing up every day in practice to give 100%, Aidan’s contributions have been exemplary.  His teammates always know they can always count on Aidan. In this past Saturday’s big win over Suffield, Aidan, once again, set the tone for his teammates on the floor and on the bench.  The team will continue to look to Aidan for outstanding leadership in these final weeks of the season.

Aidan McCreary ‘19- Boys JV Squash

Aidan has been an outstanding captain for the Boys JV Squash team this winter. As a result of his improved speed and shot selection, Aidan earned the team’s number 1 ranking after beating out some of his teammates in very tight matches. Aidan has had a good influence on his peers by setting a positive tone in practices and games. He helped the Wildcats defeat rival Pomfret in a convincing 5-2 win on Wednesday. The team will need Aidan’s leadership as they look to close the season with two wins against Kingswood Oxford and Albany Academy this week.

Megan Ward ‘21– Girls JV Hockey

Megan has been a key and consistent contributor to the success of the JV Girls Hockey team this season. She has a passion for ice hockey, works hard, and thoroughly enjoys spending time with her teammates. Megan has had two 4-point games recently and leads the team with 20 goals and 16 assists in just 12 games, involving her in nearly half the goals the team has scored so far this season.  She is a competitor, always striving to elevate her level of play.  She leads by example as she sets a standard of play that encourages her teammates to perform at their best. Megan is supportive of her teammates and takes just as much pleasure in seeing them experience success. The team will continue to look towards Megan’s leadership to help the Wildcats finish the season strong.

Will Chalfant ‘23– Boys 4ths Basketball

Will has been a key contributor to the success of the 4ths basketball team this season and has been a great leader for his teammates. An overall effective player, Will eagerly takes on any challenge on the court. He confidently knocks down 3-point shots and has been a consistent scorer for the team all season. Will has a tremendous work ethic and his positive spirit is contagious for the rest of the team. The team looks forward to watching Will perform his heart out in the final competitions of the season this week.