Athletes of the Week


Louisa Weed ’20- Girls Varsity Squash

Louisa plays squash with purpose, passion, and integrity.  She thrives on hard work in practice and is extremely coachable. She has moved herself up to #2 spot on the team’s ladder and shows increasing self-confidence. A self-aware athlete, who adjusts continuously during matches, Louisa also displays equal measures of good sportsmanship and good humor on the court.  This past week Louisa played an impressive series of matches. After dropping her first match of 2019 versus Berkshire, she rebounded with a strong five game win over Hotchkiss followed by a decisive 3-0 win over Millbrook.  Overall, Louisa shows what a dedicated effort and enthusiastic style of play can accomplish and through this has developed into one of the squad’s most important leaders.

Cristina Negron ’22- Girls Varsity Basketball

Cristina has been a valuable addition to the girls varsity basketball team this season. Her strong play continued this week as she had two outstanding performances, helping lead the team to victory on both occasions.  On Wednesday against rival Suffield, her ability to control the floor from the point guard position led to a 20-point win for the Cats. Her ball control and court vision were without a doubt instrumental in the team’s win. On Saturday against Cushing, Cristina’s performance on Wednesday was not to be outdone as she hit three three-pointers to help earn the Cats a 20-2 lead in the first couple of minutes of play. Her scoring onslaught would keep the team ahead for the remainder of the game. Cristina brings a positive attitude each day to practice and her coachability is second to none, providing an excellent example for all her teammates.

Andre Washington ‘21– Boys Varsity Basketball

Andre has played a significant role in the success of the boys varsity basketball team so far this season. As the team’s starting point guard, Andre is making great strides as a floor general. Defensively, he is a relentless competitor whose commitment to playing hard on both ends of the court is exemplary. In Wednesday’s big win over Suffield, Andre played another strong overall game in helping lead the team to victory. On Saturday against MacDuffie, he scored a season high 12 points including two threes. Blessed with a tremendous work ethic, Andre’s commitment to be the best player and teammate he can be is exceptional. The Wildcats look forward to Andre’s continued growth and contributions this season.

Claudia Capone ‘19 –Girls Varsity Hockey

Claudia has had a great start to the season for the girls varsity hockey team. This week she was instrumental in the team’s two victories over Gunnery and Berkshire, scoring a goal in both contests. Claudia has been a consistently strong force on defense, winning many battles in the corners and in the open ice allowing the Cats to get the puck out of the defensive zone, a tribute to her to toughness and tenacious play. She plays important minutes for the Wildcats on the power play and penalty kill where she makes good decisions and can always be seen giving her best effort. Most importantly, Claudia comes to practice giving her best, communicating with all the other defensemen and is a great leader for the team. The squad will continue to take inspiration from Claudia, looking towards her experienced play and toughness in times of need.

Shez Zangmo ‘20- Girls JV Basketball

Shez has been a strong contributor this season for the Wildcats. Her great play continued as she had yet another explosive week on the floor! She led the team in scoring on Wednesday against rival Suffield, netting 17 points and leading the team to victory. She continued her dominating presence on Saturday, where she once again led the team in scoring with 11 points in the squad’s win against Cushing. Shez always brings a positive attitude every day to practice and she works hard to not only improve her own skills, but the skills of her teammates. Through this she provides a great example for the rest of her team.

Max Kosmider ‘23 – Boys 4ths Basketball

Max, a newcomer to basketball is off to a fast start for the boys 4ths basketball team. In Wednesday’s game against KO Max ended up with 4 points. His strong play continued on Saturday, as he led the team against Bement with 9 points including a deep three pointer. His speed, energy and toughness have made him a solid defender, and he is always the first to dive for a loose ball. The team will continue to look to Max for positive energy and toughness for the remainder of the season.

Poojaa Prakash-Babu ’21- Girls JV Squash

Eager and always ready to play, Poojaa shows consistent mental toughness on the court for the girls JV squash program. Last Wednesday, she played a 4-game match against Westminster in the number one position and won triumphantly against a routinely hard opponent. Then, again last Saturday, she played a 5-game match against Loomis at number one and focused on each point, gaining another win. Her love for the game of squash became apparent last Saturday when the varsity team needed two more players. She answered the program’s call, stepped up, and again defeated her opponent! Poojaa’s will power and determination have been on display throughout the season and has been a big part of her success this season.

Kai Hori ’22- 3rds Squash

New to the squash courts this season, upperclassman Kai has demonstrated purpose, passion, and integrity during practices and matches. Kai demonstrates purpose for squash because he intentionally applies what he learns in daily practices to his matches. During last Saturday’s match against rival Bement, Kai incorporated numerous drop shots to outwit and challenge his opponent. Kai exemplifies passion on the court through his commitment to improve with each practice and how he engages with and supports his teammates. Kai exemplifies integrity on and off the court because he arrives on time every day, listens attentively during practice lessons and drills, and he follows the rules during matches. Kai serves as a fantastic, positive role model for the entire team.

Louisa Coughlin ‘23- Girls JV Hockey

As a new member to the girls JV hockey program this season, Louisa has made an immediate impact on the team. As an anchor to the defense, she has been a great addition to the unit, working hard and leading by example. Her efforts have paid dividends as she ranks third on the team in points, a challenging feat for any player, let alone a defenseman. On Saturday she helped keep the Cats in a hard-fought battle against a strong Westminster opponent as she scored two of the six goals in the 7-6 loss. The Wildcats look forward to Louisa’s continued growth and will rely on her contributions in times of need.

Andrew Warren ‘21-Boys JV Hockey

Andrew is the boys JV hockey’s only goalie this season and has been a big part of the team’s success thus far. So far Andrew has never missed a game or practice and competes hard every time he steps on the ice. In most of our contests, Andrew has defended the goal when the team has been out shot decisively. Despite this fact, Andrew never complains and never gives up. This weekend Andrew once again competed hard, made some great saves, and helped his team to a 6-5 victory over Pomfret. Andrew’s competitiveness and commitment to the team provide an excellent example for the rest of his teammates.