Athletes of the Week

Betsy Gaudreau ’24- Girls Varsity Squash

Betsy has been a committed captain, teammate, and squash player all season. This weekend her determination and resiliency were demonstrated in her match against Ethel Walker. After losing a game, Betsy came back to win handedly against the NEPSAC Champions with point differentials ranging from 5-9. She went on to win the match 3-1!  Betsy’s positive attitude, leadership, and squash acumen will be dearly missed next year.

Bennett Evelti ’26- Boys Varsity Squash

Bennett came up from JV this year and initially struggled with the jump to Varsity play. Yet, as we come to our final week of the season, Bennett’s improvement is undeniable. In recent practices, Bennett has fought to reach the top court, challenging our top three players in small sets and games. In our recent one-point tournament, Bennett made the finals against the team’s number-one player. Bennett spent this season in the lab, slowly and methodically making adjustments to his game. He fought through rough weeks and disappointing losses to arrive at a new level of play. His perseverance makes him a role model for all players on JV squads hoping to someday make that jump to varsity.

Kat Mayer ‘26 – Girls Varsity Basketball

Kat has been a great addition for girls varsity basketball this year. She is always willing to do whatever is needed to help the team, often tasked with guarding the opponent’s best player. Kat never backs down from a challenge and brings a competitive edge to all she does. Off the court, she is a great teammate, leading the team in pre-game sing-alongs with her positive spirit. The team will rely on Kat’s wonderful “team first” approach in finishing its season on a high note this week.

Emily Hamann ‘ 23- Girls Varsity Hockey

Emily is a four year player that brings a lot of experience to our group!  This past week she had an exceptional week of practice getting into great spots and creating a lot of offense for our group.  Emily scored two goals and had an assist in our big win over Worcester.  Emily is committed to playing great defense and she’s done a terrific job of creating turnovers in the neutral zone and then charging down the ice on offense. She brings power and strength to our group along with a “can do” attitude! Emily has been a consistent and steady leader this season and we look forward to her continued contributions in the final stretch of the season.

Justin Fenton-Hilt ’25 – Boys JV Basketball

Justin took a huge step forward this past week with his ability to chase down loose balls and dominate the boards.  His physicality and tenacity make him an excellent defender and rebounder.  Justin has been a defensive catalyst for the team this winter and his strong determined play has made him the main contributor in our defensive scheme limiting our opponents to one shot per possession.  The team will continue to look to his gritty, physical, “team first” play as they look to finish their season on a high note in the final week!

Chase Livingston ’24 – Boys JV Hockey

Chase is a co-captain and leader of boys JV hockey both on and off the ice. He is the spark plug for the team through his determination and aggressive play. In our last game against Deerfield, he battled to defend and generate offense from the moment he stepped on the ice. Early in the first period, Chase forechecked Deerfield with speed and physical grit, gaining possession of the puck and burying it in the back of the net for Williston’s first goal. His line went on to score once more for the Wildcats while also playing great defense.  Over his three years in the program, Chase has improved tremendously, and has become one of strongest players in all three zones. He works hard in practice to improve, and he effectively implements the team’s forecheck and defensive zone systems. Chase will play a crucial role in the success of our team in the final week of the season.

Zoe Melia ’27 – Girls JV Basketball

Zoe provides so much to our team. As our starting point guard, her court awareness and ball handling have made her an assist leader this year. On defense, she picks up the other team’s point guard at the half court, racking up numerous steals every game. Zoe has been our highest scorer all season and her hustle and heart make everyone on the team want to play harder. It has been a pleasure having Zoe as part of the team this year!

Seby Suchecki ’26 – Boys Thirds Basketball

Seby Suchecki has been an energizer for boys thirds boys basketball this winter.  A gifted all-around athlete, his competitiveness and athleticism have made him an indispensable member of the team on both ends of the floor.  Defensively, he versatility allows him to guard all five positions.  Offensively, he has improved steadily throughout the season to a point where he is a threat to score inside or out.  His greatest quality as an athlete is his competitiveness when rebounding the ball as demonstrated in recent strong performances vs Deerfield and Winchendon.  The team has benefitted from Seby’s strong overall play and looks forward to his continued contributions to finish the season on a high note!

Sophia Chou ’27 – Girls JV Squash

Sophia has shown tremendous dedication and improvement in squash this season.  In a short time, Sophia has improved her overall game and has set herself apart by perfecting her squash skills.  She has improved her serve, showcasing her strength and precision.  Her movement on the court highlights her awareness of where to position the ball to be successful and win points, ultimately making her a strong squash player.   During the team’s game against Pomfret, Sophia played her best match yet.  She showed confidence, determination and hustle in getting to the ball on every point.  She should be proud of her progress thus far and we are all looking forward to finishing the season on a high note!

Thomas Neal ’28 – Boys Fourths Basketball

Thomas was the standout player in our game against Eaglebrook last Wednesday. He continually powered through the opponents’ defense, earning an impressive twelve points by being the first to the ball and scooping up multiple rebounds. He was also a formidable defensive player, dogging their shooters and “getting big” to block the ball. Thomas speed, spirit, and tireless will to win made a huge contribution to the Mighty Fourths victory. We are proud of Thomas’ achievements this season and look forward to seeing him in action in our final games of the season!

Haical Rose-Bardawil ’29- Thirds Squash

Haical has had an excellent start to his squash career.  Introduced to the sport this winter in a middle school clinic, Haical has quickly taken to the game climbing to the top of the ladder, where he currently sits in the #1 spot.  Haical is the first on the court each day where he practices his skills independently.  He also takes advantage of court time with older JV and varsity players.  His strong, smart serve is a testament to his work ethic. Haical’s matches have been increasingly high-scoring and close, even when he is paired with far more experienced players.  Win or lose, he comes away from every match a better player, adjusting his play after every point.  In our last match against Eagle Hill, Haical held his own against a four-year senior before playing in a second match due to a teammate’s absence.  Many of the opposing players, coaches, and parents in attendance commented on Haical’s natural squash ability and his tenacity.  Haical is a player to watch headed into the team’s final match this Saturday — and beyond!