Athletes of the Week

Audrey Dowsett ’29- Girls Swimming and Diving

Audrey has had an incredible season for the girls swimming and diving team. She is putting together some of her best swims as the Cats approach the end of the season. Audrey put forward two personal best times against Suffield in the 200 and 500 freestyle and has been one of the team’s most consistent performers all year. The team looks forward to Audrey’s continued contributions and success in the water as they work towards championships.

Owen Mish ’26- Boys Swimming and Diving

Owen has been improving all season and is one of the most reliable teammates for the boys’ swimming and diving program. Owen works tremendously hard in and out of the water. By doing so, he has set a positive example for each of his teammates. Always willing to do what he can do to support the group, he is primed for a strong final few weeks of the season.

Caroline Aufiero ‘24- Girls Varsity Hockey

Caroline returned to the ice last week after being sidelined for the last month and a half. Caroline worked very hard during that time off to get into the best shape possible to rejoin the team for the final stretch of the regular season. Caroline scored a beautiful bar down goal on the power play in the Cats game against Choate to help the team earn a 3-0 win. Caroline plays with passion and pours her heart and soul into her play.  She had a strong game against Andover on Saturday playing physical and tough all over the ice. Caroline continues to be an outstanding leader and her teammates and coaches look forward to her contributions in the final stretch of the season.

Nevin Conroy ’25 – Boys Varsity Squash

Nevin has been the backbone of the boys squash team this year. Over the last two years he has climbed the ladder to #1 on the team through hard work in the offseason, studying squash online, and bringing a tireless curiosity to every practice. Nevin arrives early to his commitments, takes care of his body/mind, and strives to keep the long view in focus at all times. He is the kind of player that will come off the court after a loss and say, “I know I lost that, but I feel like my forehand drops are improving. I really gave that player a run for his money.” Nevin leads by example every day, and he has left a positive impact on each of his teammates.

Skyler Walker ‘26- Girls Varsity Basketball

Skyler has been a top performer for the girls varsity basketball team all season, leading the team in both points and rebounds. Skyler has helped set the tone in both games and practices with her commitment to being better and her love for the game. By doing so she has led an example for her teammates which has help the entire squad to improve. She is always quick to support her teammates and put in extra time. The Wildcats will continue to rely on her for her strong play and leadership by example as they move through the final weeks of the season.

Crystal Tan ’24- Girls Varsity Squash

Crystal has been working hard on the courts all season for girls varsity squash. Her hard work was demonstrated in her last match at NEPSACs. Although she ultimately came up short 1-3, each game was extremely close. Scoring the most points she has all season, Crystal continues to improve.  Off the courts Crystal is a supportive teammate who always maintains a growth mindset and a positive attitude. Crystal’s teammates and coaches appreciate all she has given to the squad this year.

Sam Dietrich ’27- Boys Thirds Basketball

Sam has played a major role in leading the boys thirds basketball team to a successful season.  A defensive catalyst, his athleticism, communication, and hustle at the top of the teams’ vaunted half court trapping scheme has been critical to the team’s ability to disrupt the opponent’s offensive attack!  Offensively, his steady all around play makes him an ideal teammate.  This past Saturday, Sam had a particularly good game in a great comeback win over Rectory leading the team to victory with his inspirational defensive intensity.  The team looks forward to Sam’s continued stellar play while finishing its season on a high note!

Addison Perich ’27- Girls JV Squash

Addison has been working hard in games and practices all season for the girls JV squash program. She brings electric energy to practice and during matches.  She is enthusiastic and always has a positive attitude.  She is a committed player who follows directions on drills and works well with her teammates, and always does so with a smile. Her determination and drive to improve is visible. Addison exhibits tremendous sportsmanship and gives her all during matches.  In the teams’ last match against Suffield, she stepped up to play in the number 1 ladder spot showing her progress and strong skill development. Her coach appreciates all her efforts and all that she brings to the team.  Her teammates look forward to her continued growth this season.

Keith Wan ’26- Boys JV Basketball

Keith played a huge role for the boys JV basketball team this past week. He had 12 points and 10 rebounds in a big win on Saturday over Marianapolis. In addition to his offensive ability, he proved he is a complete player as he contributed big on the defensive side of the ball in a close loss to Choate. Overall, he took a big step forward this week! The team looks forward to his continued growth on the court as they enter the final weeks of the season.

Liza Hampson ’25 – Girls JV basketball

Liza missed the beginning of the season but since returning has been a force to reckon with competing for the girls JV basketball team. In her first game back, she scored 12 points, and in the team’s dominant win over Pomfret this past weekend, she immediately went into the game and scored a three pointer that put the fans on their feet. Liza’s grit and determination on the court means she will fight for every loose ball to gain possession for the Wildcats. Liza’s teammates missed her on court contributions but even more so, they missed what she brings off the court. Her fun attitude is contagious, always supporting her teammates in their efforts and bringing humor to liven the mood. The Cats are so glad to have Liza back to finish off an exciting season.

Eliza DeCaro ’29- Thirds Squash

Brand new to squash this year, Eliza has hovered between the #1 and #2 positions.  She is a fast learner with a strong forehand who is already playing smart, intuitive squash.  This weekend against Eagle Hill, Eliza stepped up to fill spots created by teammates’ absences, playing two back-to-back matches.  Still only a seventh grader, Eliza faced off against a four-year senior boy who was wrapping up his high school squash career.  Despite a loss, Eliza had an impressive comeback, going from 11-0 to 11-8 and 11-7.  Eliza has a very promising squash career ahead and her coaches can’t wait to watch her continued growth for seasons to come.

Peter Suranunt ’26- Boys JV Squash

Peter is one of the most gifted players on the boys JV squash team. He proved this as he did a phenomenal job in his match against Suffield last week. Even though he lost a set, he never gave up and fought for every point. In practice the team has been working on always being aware of the opponent’s position so that shots get placed in the correct spot on the court. Peter was aware of this during the whole match. When in doubt he hit straight towards the back of the court, and when the opponent was behind him, he hit crosscourt. He also dominated the T and was able to return some difficult shots from the back of the court. His coach applauds his spirit and encourages him to keep playing with passion and intelligence in the final weeks of the season.

Anna Sterrett ‘27- Girls Thirds Basketball

Anna truly distinguishes herself with her steadfast support and encouragement for teammates, both in practices and games. Her positive energy not only fosters an uplifting atmosphere but also plays a crucial role in shaping the thirds basketball team’s overall attitude. Anna demonstrated exceptional commitment last week when the team faced challenges due to illness and foul troubles. Without hesitation, she stepped up and seamlessly integrated into the game. Anna’s active support of her teammates served as a motivating force inspiring them to give their best and persevere through challenging moments. Her resilience and team spirit make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Andrew Doubleday ‘29– Boys Fourths Basketball

Andrew contributed mightily to the fourths’ victory over Wilbraham & Monson on Saturday. It was a close game where each play mattered, and Andrew’s relentless defense, strategic offense and constant support of his teammates helped his team earn a hard-won victory. It was great to see Andrew’s focus and commitment in practice pay off in this game by locking down the opponents defensively and by making winning plays.  His coaches and teammates look forward to seeing Andrew’s growth as a player and leader on the Mighty Fourths!