Athletes of the Week

Elise Edmunds ‘28- Skiing

Elise has had a strong start to the season for the varsity ski team. As an 8th grader, she has established herself as one of the strongest skiers on the team. She has been the top girl’s racer in each of the first three races.  Her coaches and teammates are looking forward to watching Elise continue to grow as both a racer and a leader on the team.

Herrick Stevenson ’25- Boys Varsity Swimming and Diving

The junior captain has led the boys swimming and diving team with ease this season.  Herrick has won 12 individual races so far this season, including all four he swam last week. He sets an incredible example for his teammates in practice and in the meets, as he is consistently the hardest worker in and out of the pool. His coaches are looking forward to seeing him perform over the last month of the season and his team will continue to rely on him for his point scoring ability and his dedicated leadership.

Hayden Hedstrom ’24- Girls Varsity Swimming and Diving

Hayden, a senior captain, has had an incredible season to this point, posting numerous career best times and racking up two event wins this past week.  A versatile swimmer, she is a strong sprinter, distance swimmer and stroke specialist. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Hayden for her versatility, skill and leadership as they work through the back half of the season.

Sebastian Enriquez ’25 – Boys Varsity Squash

Sebastian’s greatest trait is his focus. No matter the time of day or how challenging his week has been, Sebastian shows up to do the work without complaint. He earned the game ball in the Cats’ victories over Avon and Canterbury last week for his consistent effort. It is easy to give away a lead in squash due to the way the scoring works. Sebastian won each match 3-0 by maintaining an even quality of play in each set, never giving his opponent a window back into the match. This takes intense focus and discipline to achieve.  Boys varsity squash’s future is bright with engines like Sebastian at the foundation of the team’s lineup.

River Grady ’27- Girls Varsity Hockey

River is a newcomer to the team this season and has done a great job of pushing herself every day in practice. River has identified areas to work on and has done a great job of making progress in these areas. This past Wednesday, she stepped up and made some excellent saves when her team needed her in a game against a tough Westminster team. River played with confidence, challenged the shooters and played the puck multiple times to help the team earn a 5-1 victory.  She also did a great job of controlling the play by making good decisions on when to cover or play the puck. On Saturday, River played in the third period of the Hotchkiss game and made a big stop on a breakaway early in the period. This allowed the team to continue to hold onto the momentum and was key to the 5-0 victory. River has been a great teammate this season and the team looks forward to River’s continued progress and contributions to the team.

Cal Hoyt ’25- Boys Varsity Hockey

Cal has consistently improved throughout the boys varsity hockey team’s season and has emerged as an important penalty killer in critical situations. In addition, Cal has played with increasing confidence, always looking to make plays with the puck on his stick. A supportive and hardworking teammate, Cal’s play raises the level of those around him. The Wildcats look forward to his continued growth as they work through the final weeks of the season.

Zoe Zhang ’25- Girls Varsity Squash

Zoe had a standout week for the girls varsity squash team, moving up in the ladder and stepping up to play the 1 spot on Saturday. She won her match against Canterbury 3-0 with impressive, powerful shots to the back corner. Moreover, her ability to control the court and tactful ball placement solidified her win. Zoe also practices like she plays; she always comes to practice focused and eager to improve. The team will continue to rely on Zoe for her leadership through example and her strong play as they work through the rest of the season.

Morgan Dulude ‘26- Girls Varsity Basketball

Morgan has stepped up in a big way for the girls varsity basketball team this season. She’s a defensive force and has been second on the team in both steals and rebounds this season, logging two double-doubles in the last 5 games. Morgan puts the time in outside of practice and brings her best effort to all that she does. Morgan’s work ethic, positive attitude and strong play will be relied upon as her team works it’s way through the rest of the season.

Riley Platt ’27- Girls JV Hockey

Riley is new to hockey this season yet has developed into an asset for the girls JV hockey team. Riley initially was placed at forward, but due to recent injuries, has been moved to defense and she did not skip a beat!  Platt’s solid athletic background, competitive nature, and sport IQ allowed her to jump right into the defensive position and help the team battle against strong opponents from Hotchkiss and Pomfret. The Cats look forward to Riley’s strong work ethic and versatility to guide the team into the final weeks of the season.

Keith Wan ’26- Boys JV Basketball

Keith played big minutes for the boys JV basketball team this past week. He brought a lot of energy on both sides of the ball, while also crashing the boards. He had some tough shots and grabbed some big rebounds while also contributing eight points in a close loss to Deerfield. Keith has worked hard all season to improve, and his efforts have paid off big time. His teammates and coaches look forward to his continued growth as they work through the remainder of the season.

Madi Goulet ‘27-Girls JV Squash

Madi joined the girls JV squash team this year and has shown tremendous progress. She is new to the sport but has improved in every area in a short amount of time. She comes to practice ready to work and is enthusiastic about playing. Her backhand and drive have improved, and she has one of the most powerful and strong serves on the team. She has won a few exhibition matches against some of the opponents the team have faced this season, but her best performance came this past week when the team took on Choate Rosemary Hall.  Playing in the #7 spot, her grit and determination caused her to take the match to the 5th set with her opponent. This match highlighted her skills and how much she has improved but also her dedication to the the game, as she played her hardest during every second until the end.  Her coach and teammates are looking forward to Madi’s continued growth this season!

Reece Berrien ’27 – Boys Thirds Basketball

Reece has been one of the thirds basketball team’s leaders all season.  His combination of athleticism, experience, decision making, and basketball skill makes him an ideal point guard.  In the Cats’ most recent game at Loomis Chaffee, Reece had an exceptional game leading the team in scoring with 16 and contributing steady floor leadership throughout the game.  Defensively, his anticipation and tenaciousness make him a valuable asset in the team’s half court pressure scheme.  The team looks forward to his continued strong play and leadership as they enter the final three and half weeks of their season.

Maya Green ‘26-Girls JV Basketball

Maya’s hustle and heart are what make her such a phenomenal teammate and player on the girls JV basketball team. Maya has worked on her shot this season, sprinting down the court on fast breaks, squaring up to the basket and going up strong. When given a new play during a timeout, she quickly updates her thinking and executes it flawlessly. However, the best part about Maya is her good-natured attitude. She is always ready with a joke or dance move to keep the team morale high. Her teammates and coaches love having her as part of the JV basketball squad and look forward to her continued contributions to the squad.

Jack McIntyre ’24  – Boys JV Hockey

Jack McIntyre is one of the top forwards on the team this season and has contributed his share of important goals and assists. He is a relentless competitor at both ends of the ice. His puck-handling, playmaking, and scoring ability has contributed to the team’s offensive potential, but it is on the defensive side of the game that he really has shown the greatest improvement.  Jack’s ability to read opponents and anticipate their actions helps him to break up lots of plays and win more one-on-one battles. He is supportive of his teammates, tries to do whatever his coach asks of him, and always acts with a high level of sportsmanship. Jack’s contributions in practices and games will undoubtedly play a large role in the success of the team in the final half of the season.