Ann Futter Lomeli ’73

Before becoming a legal eagle, she soared in the classroom and on the playing field



In a ground-breaking career, attorney Ann Futter Lomeli ’73 was the first female Corporate Secretary (think Secretary of State, not administra­tive assistant) for two major American companies—Con­necticut Mutual Life Insurance and MassMutual. After the enterprises merged in 1995 (“What is it about me and mergers!” wonders Futter, who was a student during NSFG’s merger with Williston), she went on to become co-General Counsel at MassMutual—the first woman ever to hold that position in the Fortune 500 company’s 165-year history. Through it all, she has maintained close school ties, keeping up friend­ships with classmates and twice serving on the board of trustees.

What were you like as a student?

I think of myself as starting out as shy, but I don’t know that I really was. I remember a girl from Brazil entering school in the middle of one year. I saw her standing all by her­self, so I introduced myself and we became very good friends. If I really had been shy, I probably wouldn’t have done that. I was friendly with people. I tried to get along with ev­eryone. That’s what you have to do. I think being involved with sports boosted my confidence.

What sports did you play?

I played soccer, basketball, and softball. Eleven varsity letters. I have those somewhere. One stand-out moment was a soccer game against Stoneleigh Burnham. Northampton had not beaten Stoneleigh for sev­eral years. I got the ball and as I ran toward the goal I heard someone behind me calling, “Kick it, kick it in!” but I kept going until I could see the whites of the goalie’s eyes. She looked terrified. And I went, wham! And in it went! We won by a score of 1-0 and my teammates car­ried me off the field. It sticks in my mind even though it was 46 years ago in 1969. Forty-seven years ago! Oh, my gosh.

Did you participate in other activities?

I was with the school newspaper, Pegasus, from the start. My senior year, after Northampton merged with Williston, I became co-Editor-in-Chief of The Willistonian with a boy named Geoff Van Anda ’73. I was a tutor and I was in the chess club. Newspaper and sports stand out, because I put in so much time. One of the things about the paper was that I did a series of articles about the merger while it was being planned, so I knew more details than many students. I interviewed Nate Fuller, the headmaster. I was a sophomore and that was exciting and intimidating, going up to his office to interview him.

What Impact did NSFG have on you after graduation?

I think it gave me a lot of con­fidence. Not to mention a good education. I went to Yale and I was fully prepared. I loved NSFG, I loved meeting all the kids, loved the opportunity to do things that interested me. I was able to take three languages, Latin, French and Spanish. Also, I would say the whole merger thing translated to Yale, which had just gone coed. I ended up co-chairing the Yale Undergradu­ate Women’s Caucus.

Do you have any advice for current students?

Take advantage of whatever oppor­tunities you have. Try new things. Enjoy the experience. The experi­ence is what you remember.