Always Proud of the Green and Green


Williston is committed to making campus as energy efficient as possible. Here’s a roundup of some recent improvements.

1.1 Million

Disposable plastic water bottles that have been saved from use thanks to our 29 water stations across campus. Installed nine years ago, these stations allow users to fill their own reusable bottles.


New energy-efficient windows that have been installed across campus over the last few years, including complete replacements in Memorial Hall, John Wright, and Scott Hall


Decrease in heating costs, year over year, in Scott Hall, thanks to window replacements in the six science classrooms


Portion of the lightbulbs and fixtures that are now LED lights, increasing efficiency, brightness, and longevity.


Geothermal wells that have been installed on campus to help with heating and cooling needs


Average depth, in feet, of the new geothermal wells


Temperature (in degrees Farenheit) of the new geothermal wells, which allow a steady baseline for heating and cooling


Wells dug for both John Hazen White and Emily McFadon Vincent houses


Average cubic yards of cardboard, paper, and plastic recycled on campus each week. (To visualize that, a standard washing machine is about 1 cubic yard in size.)


Solar panels installed on campus, primarily on the Sabina Cain Family Athletic Center and Lossone Rink


Electric vehicles that can simultaneously use the ChargePoint charging station in the Scott Hall parking lot