A Chance to Create


A sneak peek at two of Williston’s many art offerings—and the work they’re inspiring

AP Studio Art

In AP Studio Art, students get a rigorous introduction to various techniques and media, then produce a series of works concentrating on one theme or concept. The class is co-taught by the three visual art teachers, and students emerge with a robust AP Studio Art portfolio when the course is done.

Arts Intensive + Arts Walk

As part of the Afternoon Program, students can take a Visual Arts Intensive—a daily studio time for refining current passions or trying a new arts discipline under the guidance of a faculty member. At the end of the trimester, students create an artist’s statement and present their works at a public Arts Walk in the main hall of Reed Campus Center. It’s art-tastic!

In AP Studio, Aidan McCreary ’19 concentrated on textured portraits in charcoal and watercolor.
For CC Gray ’21, Arts Intensive was a chance to “experiment with the concept of chaos and how to use color and different patterns to depict that idea.”
Katie Han ’19 created magazine covers and ads using portraits of classmates that she styled, photographed, and designed.