seated woman with large headdress

A Camera’s Magic


To create this image, Ben Rosenzweig ’00 collaborated with DeVonn Francis, a queer, first-generation Jamaican American artist and video host and chef for Bon Appetit. “I was let into his world, and he trusted me to create his vision,” Rosenzweig said of working with Francis to promote his Brooklyn-based food-and-event firm YARDY. A photo from the series won an award from American Photography.

Rosenzweig, who has worked in both editorial and commercial settings, may not have clicked the shutter if it weren’t for his time at Williston under the tutelage of Edward Hing ’77, who “is literally the reason I do what I do,” Rosenzweig said. He started taking photography classes his sophomore year and was hooked on day one. “That first time you have a blank print in the darkroom and then see your image emerge…it’s magic.”