7 Tips to Ace Your Zoom Boarding School Interview


You’ve done your research and explored boarding schools around New England and now it’s time for your Zoom admission interview. While this is an important step in becoming a Williston Wildcat, we want you to know that we are here to get to know you—what you love, what you want to accomplish, what makes you you.

Our Admission Officers are excited to get to know you over the coming months and through your Zoom interview. As you prepare, here are a few tips from these experts:

  1. “The interview is a time for you to not only share about yourself but also to ask all the questions on your mind. Don’t be afraid to have a list and reference your list of questions to be sure you are getting all the information you need about Williston! We want to make sure you get all your questions answered!”
    Associate Director of Admission Christa Talbot-Syfu ’98
  2. “Do some research about your specific interests at Williston. That can lead to more in-depth conversations and gives us the opportunity to learn about what is really important to you.”
    Assistant Director of Admission Ben Farmer
  3. “Find a space where you can minimize distractions. That space should allow you to have an authentic conversation where family or friends won’t be tempted to listen in.”
    Associate Director of Admission Derek Cunha
  4. “Don’t be reluctant to ask questions in your interview! We enjoy challenging questions and knowing what you are curious about!”
    Assistant Head of School Ann Pickrell
  5. “Take time to tell us about your passions, but be sure to ask us about how Williston will help you to become even stronger at the things you love to do.”
    Dean of Enrollment Management Christopher J. Dietrich P ’23
  6. “Be yourself. The interview is the opportunity to share who you are and for us to learn why you would thrive at Williston as your authentic self, even if you are still learning about yourself.”
    Director of Financial Aid Lee Greener ’06
  7. “Have a list of things you want us to know about you—what you’re involvedyou’re your interests, and your strengths. Check them off as we discuss them. If we don’t get to some, bring them up at the end. That way, you will be certain that you have communicated what you care about!”
    Senior Associate Director of Admission Allison Marsland P ’24

Now, if you haven’t already, schedule your interview by calling (413)529-3241 or emailing admission@williston.com! We want to welcome you to the Williston Northampton School!