The 2021-22 Williston Northampton Community Compact

Williston is committed to being a fully vaccinated community for all students and adults and to following the recommendations of the CDC, our medical director, and the accumulated wisdom of our peer institutions. While the 2021-22 Williston Compact is less restrictive than last year’s, we ask all members of our community to take it equally as seriously and adhere to the following rules. Please note that these rules are likely to be updated throughout the year as the situation evolves.

As a member of the Williston Community, I agree to:

  • Be fully vaccinated, unless I have a medical or religious exemption that has been approved by Williston Health and Wellness.
  • Participate in all required COVID-19 testing, prior to arrival and once on campus.
  • Follow all reentry protocols including avoiding unmasked gatherings 10 days before arrival to campus and wearing masks in indoor settings other than my home.
  • Properly wear a 3-ply cloth or surgical mask in all indoor spaces, except for in my own dormitory or while actively eating in the dining hall.
  • Wear proper face masks when traveling from campus and inside/in close spaces, including school vans and busses, excursions to Easthampton and Northampton, field trips, weekend trips, or anytime I am around gatherings of people whose vaccination status is uncertain.
  • Immediately report any symptoms or possible exposure to Health and Wellness, and stay home if I’m not feeling well.
  • Observe any restrictions imposed on travel based on expectations of the Easthampton Board of Health or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Parents, guardians, and all visitors must do the following when on campus: carry proof of vaccination OR a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival and wear masks in all indoors spaces (if vaccinated) or at all times (if unvaccinated).

If I am unable to abide by these rules, I understand that there may be disciplinary consequences and my position at the school may be in jeopardy.