At Williston, we are a community that lives and learns together. Our residential life program provides a foundation for all our students--boarding and day.

For our boarding students, we understand that living away from home is an adjustment, and our residential faculty are there to help with that transition. Dorms are small, and they truly become home for our students. For our day students, there are opportunities to take part in a broad range of activities and programs on campus in the evenings and on the weekends.

The campus life program is designed to help our students make the adjustment to dorm life, develop good study habits, and make positive decisions for themselves. We give students the independence to try new things and stretch their wings in a safe environment, and they are surrounded by a constellation of adults who are supporting them as they learn and grow.

Throughout the course of the year, we come together as a community at assemblies and a myriad of events--including all-campus dinners and day-long programs such as the Diversity Conference. But we also meet in smaller groups--whether by class, by dorm, or in advisor-advisee get-togethers. Together, we focus on topics such as time and stress management, identity and fair treatment of others, and communication and conflict resolution.