The Business Office, located in the bottom floor of the Schoolhouse, manages accounting for the school and is there to help students with a variety of services, including replacing lost Sammy cards and information about Button Bucks accounts. The Business Office provides families with a variety of forms and information. Much of this information is now housed in the portals of Veracross; log in here. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (413) 529-3289.

Business Office FAQ

  • Resources for Financing a Williston Education

    Find helpful information about student loans and tuition below.

    General Information
    Tuition is billed based on the payment plan selected and other incidental student account charges are billed monthly. Electronic bills are accessible through FACTS Management.

    Tuition + Fees
    For information about tuition and fees, please visit the Tuition area of the Admission section of this website.

    Private Student Loans

    Your Tuition Solution (brochure)
    Your Tuition Solution (website)

    Tuition Refund Insurance

    The Tuition Refund Plan Brochure (PDF)
    The Tuition Refund Plan Website

    The program provides for pro-rate refunding of tuition obligations (net of financial aid) in the event of the student’s absence or separation from the school in accordance with the terms of the program. You authorize the school to process and collect any claim payment to which you are entitled under the program and credit it to the school’s account, paying any excess to you. You understand that the school will first credit to the student’s account any claim payment to which you become entitled. Only after the student’s account has been satisfied under the terms of the program will any excess be forwarded to the “primary” signer. Additionally, you agree to pay the school within 30 days after receipt of a final itemized bill whatever balance remains unpaid after any payment under the program has been credited to the school’s account.

    The premium for participation in the program amounts to 1.4% of the net tuition. You understand that a charge for the cost of this program will be included with the school’s tuition billing.

    Tuition Payment Plans

    Williston Payment Options Summary (PDF)
    FACTS Management Company (website)

    Check payments should be mailed to:

    Business Office
    Williston Northampton School
    19 Payson Avenue
    Easthampton, MA 01027

    All checks must be drawn on a United States bank and be in US dollars.

    The Business Office does not accept post-dated checks. Checks will be deposited upon receipt. The Williston Northampton School is not responsible for any bank fees associated with a check that is deposited to our account.

    Payment Options

    Payment can be made online via ACH/eCheck or credit card through FACTS Management. Credit card fees may apply.

    10% Enrollment Deposit is due with Enrollment Contract.


    Pay the full year’s tuition in one installment (after initial 10% deposit) on or before June 4 for a 1% discount. This payment can be made by check, credit card or ACH.


    Pay in two installments. The first installment is due by July 15, the second is due by November 15. This payment can be made by check, credit card or ACH.

    50% of remaining tuition after deposit and all fees are due by July 15.

    50% of remaining tuition balance is due by November 15.


    Pay tuition and fees in 10 monthly installments beginning in April and ending in January.

    Payments can be made by check, credit card, or ACH and will be automatically debited from the bank account or credit card account provided at the time of enrollment. There is a one-time $90.00 enrollment fee at the time of enrollment, which is added to the first payment.

    To participate in the any of the above payment options, you will need to log in to FACTS Management Company with the credential provided in your invitation letter. If you should have any questions, please contact Karen Yarra at (413) 529-3289 in our Business Office.

    Wire Payments

    The Williston Northampton School has partnered with Flywire to streamline the tuition payment process for our international families. With Flywire, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money compared to traditional banks. Visit your FACTS Management account to begin the payment process.

    Please note that this link is strictly for the regular academic school year tuition and fee payments, donations, and student spending account depositions.

  • Student Laundry

    On-Site Laundry

    All dormitories are equipped with washers and dryers for students to do their own laundry. The laundry equipment requires a pre-paid LaundryConnect Pay card, which can be purchased at the Campus Store. For more information please see this brochure.

    Outside Laundry Service

    Williston and E&R – The Campus Laundry have partnered to provide laundry service to all interested students to better meet our community’s needs.

    The details of their programs, as well as their policies and procedures, are provided in a brochure sent to families each August.

    E&R makes it easy for families and students via their online order form. Families may phone, fax, or mail their registration information. Registration for either E&R service should be completed in August, but E&R has offered a discounted rate through the fall.

    Over the years, E&R has provided reliable, professional, and top quality service to Williston students. Contact E&R’s School Customer Service Office at (800) 243-7789 with any questions or visit the company’s website. During the school year Williston’s Campus Store staff are also available to help at (413) 529-3270.

  • About Buying Books Online

    You can purchase books for summer work or for next fall’s courses through the school’s bookseller MBS Direct or at the bookseller of your choice.

    Please note that books are not for sale on campus or in the school store, and students must have their coursebooks when school starts.

    When you log onto MBS Direct, first click on “Let’s Get Started,”  to “Shop by Schedule” enter your child’s Veracross ID, which is their Williston email prefix. (Example: jhannigan).(Please note, this option is only available once schedules are out, which will be approximately August 1.) You can also skip this section to shop by course or term.

    When purchasing a digital product and prompted to add the student’s email, please enter the student’s Williston email.

    Books or any other packages can ship directly to the school using the address of 20 Greenwood Court, and the students name, no campus box needed.  This address is good for both paper mail and packages and should be used throughout the year.

    If you have any questions about this, please contact Jane Hannigan for help.

  • About Sammy Cards

    The Sammy Card is essential to a student’s daily life at the Williston Northampton School. More than just an identification card, the Sammy Card features a prepaid spending account—Button Bucks—which offers a safe and secure environment for students to make cashless purchases on campus via a swipe of the card. In addition the card serves to allow access to the school’s dormitories and other buildings on campus.

    You agree to notify us immediately if (i) your Sammy Card has been lost or stolen or (ii) you believe someone has made a purchase using your Button Bucks account without your permission. You may be responsible for the unauthorized use of the Button Bucks account if you fail to promptly notify us that the Sammy Card has been lost or stolen. You can suspend your Button Bucks account at the Web Account Care Center (24/7) or by calling us at (413) 529-3289.

    When your Sammy Card has been reported lost or stolen, we will suspend the Button Bucks account to prevent unauthorized use. You may also request a replacement card. There is a card replacement card fee of $25.

  • About Button Bucks

    Using Button Bucks enables students and families to manage spending at school without having to carry cash or coins. There are no costs or fees to participate, and unused balances roll over semester to semester and year to year for as long as a student is enrolled. To use Button Bucks, families must first register at the Button Bucks Cardholder Account Center.

    On or about July 1, 2021, a Button Bucks spending account will be established for each student. This account will be for student spending on and off campus, accessible by using the student’s Sammy Card. This account also will be used for books purchased through MBS, the school’s online bookstore.

    Through the account center, families and students can have 24/7 online account access to check their balance, review transaction history, and add value. Please refer to the documents posted below for detailed steps on how to register for online account access and how to setup a recurring Button Bucks allowance.

    Check your balance or register now

    If the card is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for replacing the card. He or she can get a new card at the Business Office, in the lower level of the Schoolhouse. There is a $25 replacement fee.

    Families can add value to the account as needed by check, credit, or debit card. Funds transferred by credit or debit card are available to students instantly. Check deposits are available on the business day that the check is received.

    Button Bucks are welcomed on campus at the StuBop, Campus Store, Student Activities, and vending machines. In addition, a large number of local restaurants and other businesses accept Button Bucks, including Dunkin Donuts, Mt. Tom’s Homemade Ice Cream and Candy Store, and Tandem Bagel Company, among other local favorites.

    Williston continues to form partnerships with other local businesses, and this list is updated regularly. If you are a business owner and want to accept Button Bucks, please contact the Business Office at (413) 529-3289.

  • How to mail packages to your child

    Mail is posted daily for all Upper School students in their assigned campus boxes at the Reed Campus Center.

    Note: The City of Easthampton’s post office has designated the location for student mail. Do not use “The Williston Northampton School” or student’s dorm name in the address. Mail or packages should be addressed as follows:

    Student Name
    20 Greenwood Court # ___ (Fill in student’s box #)
    Easthampton, MA 01027

Business Office Staff

Peter L. Holden
Chief Financial Officer

Deborah Lennon
Director of Finance & Auxiliary Operations

Kathy Ouimette
Director of Human Resources

Karen Yarra
Accounts Receivables Coordinator

Jessie Vishaway
Accounts Payables Coordinator

Shelley Masse
Accounting and Business Services Coordinator

Jane Hannigan
Campus Store Manager

Sara Magnuson
Executive Assistant to the Business Office

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