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From Carthago Delenda Est to Carpe Diem: Famous Latin Quotations in Context

Join Latin teacher Beatrice Cody for a deep dive into the historical and literary context of some of the best known and most beloved Latin sayings. We will examine why the most famous quotations from the Roman world had an impact in their own time and what makes their significance endure even today. If you like language, literature, politics, history, and philosophy, and you yearn to explore eternal human truths, this hour-long survey class is for you!

About Beatrice Cody

The daughter of an Amherst College English professor, Beatrice Cody was born and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts. In Middle School, Beatrice discovered a love of Latin and the classical world; she went on to complete a double major in Greek and Latin at Wellesley College (B.A. ’94) and to earn a second B.A. from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University (the Literae Humaniores degree, with a focus on Greek and Latin History and Literature). On returning to the U.S., Beatrice settled in New York City. She began teaching Latin at The Chapin School in 2000, where she discovered the joys of sharing Latin literature and Roman history with bright, enthusiastic young learners. In 2008 Beatrice moved back to the Pioneer Valley and began her career at Williston Northampton, where she has spent thirteen happy years teaching Latin to Wildcats and raising her two boys, Max (’23) and Connor (’26). Beatrice believes that Latin can and will transcend its centuries-long exploitation as a status symbol of White European elitism and tool of white supremacy. Latin literature is a powerful force for good whose truth and beauty can unify and enlighten humankind.