Williston’s tuition and fees includes room and board for boarding students and lunches for day students, and covers most curricular and extracurricular activities.





Boarding $71,500 $735 $560
Day $49,100 $735 $385
Middle School $39,400 $735 $385

Health Services Fee

The school provides around-the-clock nursing care in a professionally staffed medical service facility that is available to all students (overnight services are limited to boarding students). The Health Service fee helps to defray the costs of providing these services, the services of the school’s physician, and a consulting psychologist. All students must carry appropriate medical insurance from a company with a servicing address in the United States.

Technology Fee

This fee covers access to a personal device for use in the classroom and in the dorms or home, the academic software necessary, support, and ongoing infrastructure improvements.

International Address Fee

For students with a primary address outside the United States, a fee of $275 is charged to defray the costs of international fax communications, higher mailing costs, and a range of other support services.

I-20 Processing Fee

For students who require annual immigration registration, a fee of $325 is charged to absorb the costs associated with processing information through SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).

Room and Key Deposit

The school bills all boarding students a $150 deposit at the beginning of the year and holds the deposit until after check out in the spring. At the end of the school year, if the student’s dorm room is left completely clean, in the school’s sole discretion, and the room key is returned, the $150 deposit will be credited back to the Student Account. If either of these requirements is not met, the deposit will be kept in increments of $30 for the room key and $120 for room cleanliness.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition refund insurance is billed at 1.8 percent of net tuition. This program is mandatory unless the full year’s tuition and fees are paid by July 15, 2022.

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