Virtual Activities Fair

Wednesday, December 9

Thank you for joining us for Williston’s Virtual Activities Fair, when you will meet department heads, varsity coaches, and program leaders. Feel free to navigate between breakout rooms as you pursue your interests during this event to learn about our classes, teams, and programs. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in our main room, staffed by the Admission Office.

Main admission room: Join Here

Program Overviews

While you may visit any program you’d like at any time this evening, program introductions will be given at the following times:

6:40 p.m.—Department Heads

6:50 p.m.—Clubs and Activities

7 p.m.—Fall Sports

7:10 p.m.—Winter Sports

7:20 p.m.—Spring Sports

Head of School

Department Heads

Art—Join Here

College Counseling—Join Here

English—Join Here

History—Join Here

Language—Join Here

Math—Join Here

Science—Join Here

Williston Scholars—Join Here

Clubs and Activities

Choral Music—Join Here

Community Service—Join Here

Dance—Join Here

Diversity & Inclusion—Join Here

Model UN—Join Here

Music—Join Here

Newspaper—Join Here

Photography & Film—Join Here

Robotics/Computer Science—Join Here

Theater—Join Here

Technical Theater—Join Here

Writing—Join Here

Yearbook—Join Here

Varsity Coaches


Cross Country:
Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Field Hockey (Girls)—Join Here

Football (Boys)—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Volleyball (Girls)— Join Here

Water Polo (Boys)— Join Here


Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Skiing—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Swimming & Diving—Join Here


Baseball (Boys)—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Softball (Girls)—Join Here

Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Track & Field—Join Here

Ultimate Frisbee:
Boys—Join Here
Girls—Join Here

Water Polo (Girls)—Join Here