College Counseling


The Williston Northampton School is a rich and vibrant community replete with a unique history dating back to 1841 when Samuel Williston founded the school to prepare students for college. Students at Williston today still benefit from elements of our history and evidence can be found across our curriculum and in our community that illustrates the power of ideas, individuality, will, and collaboration. These ideals extend to our approach in the college office. We encourage reflection and the development of self-awareness, and foster independence in our students. These characteristics help prepare students to make meaningful contributions around the world.

The college search process at Williston is highly personalized. Beginning in January of the junior year, students meet one-on-one with their counselor on a monthly basis to discuss goals, values, ideals, and interests. Individual meetings are augmented through classroom sessions and workshops throughout the year to provide students and their families with relevant information in a timely manner. We offer informed advice to students and their parents at every stage in the process, and we value the relationships we establish with families in the course of our counseling efforts. As we educate students about the college admission process, we also foster self-awareness and independent thinking so that each student can effectively determine which colleges are uniquely suited to them.

College counselors at Williston help each student identify a group of colleges that meet the student's needs academically and that will provide an appropriate environment for a student's continued personal and intellectual growth. Our goal is to find a college or university that best matches each student's talents, interests, and aspirations. Successfully navigating the college process requires purpose, passion, and integrity… core values which lie at the heart of a Williston education. Throughout the process we remind students how unique they are, and we encourage them to celebrate their individuality and showcase it to the colleges they are considering. By fall of the senior year, students will have a clear understanding of their strengths, talents, and interests, qualities that will serve as a cornerstone of their candidacy. We are proud of the range and caliber of colleges that our students attend and remain committed to providing the highest quality service to our students and their families.

Questions? Please contact the College Counseling Office at (413) 529-3224 or email

Campus Visits


  • In general, students who live in the Northeast should not miss commitments in the winter and spring of the junior year for college visits. March break and spring long weekend provide ample opportunities for most students to visit colleges.
  • Juniors should make every effort to visit colleges during the summer. Although most colleges are not in session, summer visits can help a student narrow the scope of schools to visit in the fall.
  • Students are expected to use the two weekdays of fall long weekend for college visits, if needed.
  • A student should not miss class to attend a college visit when the student is failing a class, having significant difficulty in it, and/or missing assignments in the class.
  • A student should not miss class for a college visit when doing so would diminish the efforts of peers who are relying on that student's presence in class. (Example: group projects and presentations).
  • Students should give teachers and coaches ample notice of college visits. Two weeks' notice to the Dean's Office is desirable, but one week's notice is the minimum expectation.
  • Students attending athletic recruiting visits are strongly discouraged from missing Williston athletic commitments to do so. If a college coach is truly interested in a student, he or she will accommodate adjusting a proposed visit to honor the recruit's Williston commitments.

Please note: in some cases, missing a high school athletic commitment to take a Division I official visit can be an NCAA recruiting violation.

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