Advising & Support Programs

At Williston, we believe that students' intellectual curiosity and potential cross a broad range of backgrounds, and we embrace cultural, religious, and socioeconomic differences as part of a positive learning experience that most closely represents the world in which our students will ultimately live and work. Our educational community sets high standards of achievement and promotes values and respect for all. Our goal is to cultivate each student's talents to graduate well-informed, well-rounded individuals who will take their places as positive members of society.

In order to achieve this goal, we make sure that students get the support they need to realize their potential. That's why we formed Areté, the peer-tutoring organization on campus; created a place for students to learn how to hone their skills in the Writing Center and Math Resource Room; and provided a wealth of research tools accessible via the Clapp Library.

And, of course, every student is assigned an advisor to help guide them on their academic journey.