Founders Award 2019

William Morrison ’69

The Founders Award was created by the merger of the Whitaker-Bement Award and the Samuel and Emily Williston Award, and honors the founders and principles of The Northampton School for Girls and Williston Academy. It is awarded to an alumnus or alumna whose loyalty, devotion, and service to The Williston Northampton School has been outstanding.

Bill Morrison is celebrating his 50th reunion this weekend with his class. He also is a Member of the Williston Northampton School Board of Trustees. He is President and Founder of Affinity Advisors, LLC a financial services advisory firm focused on the credit card industry. In addition, after almost two decades at MBNA Corporation (now Bank of America Card Services) he retired as Vice Chairman and Group Executive, a Member of the Executive Management Committee and a Board Member of MBNA’s International subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Canada. He is a graduate of Fordham Universities Gabelli School of Business where he also served as a Trustee. He also graduated from the Stonier School of Banking at the University of Virginia. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Mission Hospital Foundation. He has three sons who attended Williston, Bill Jr ’89 (deceased), Gregory ’99 and Chris ’01. Daughter Kelley graduated from the Stoneleigh Burnham School in ’94. Bill currently lives in Asheville, NC with his wife Sherri.

Before Bill speaks, I would like to read remarks from Bill’s son, Greg Morrison, class of 1999.

Although I was unable to attend this year’s reunion (20th for me and 50th for my Dad), I wanted to be the first to wish William P. Morrison congratulations on receiving the Founders Award. His deep love and commitment to The Williston Northampton School has truly shown for more than 50 years and his entire family is very excited and proud of him.

I would like to thank my Dad for providing me with the opportunity to attend Williston, something that I believe to this day, has been the most rewarding gift I would have received from a parent. For the 2-years that I spent on campus, I was blessed to gain lifelong friends (who I still speak with daily), receive a tremendous education, work ethic and an overwhelming sense of comradery and family. This was all brought to me by my Dad and our shared experience at Williston. I cannot thank him enough for this.

Once again, congratulations to my dad, a true Williston founder who found Williston for me. Now, please welcome Bill Morrison and be prepared to fall asleep during his 22-point speech!