Hall of Fame 2024

Mark T. Conroy

There are few positions at Williston Northampton as esteemed as that of Athletic Director—both in longevity and in impact. This inductee has certainly shown off both these feats in his time here. Coming to the school to take over two gargantuan roles — football coach and athletic director—Mark Conroy hit the ground running in 2000. As head football coach, he led the Wildcats to an 84-47 record over 16 seasons, including three NEPSAC Bowl game appearances—in 2000, 2001, and 2014. His teams produced 33 All-New England Prep Team Athletes, countless college bound football players and many alums, who remain in contact with him to this day.

Mark also coached other sports and various levels during his tenure here. Of note, he led  3rds tennis for a season and coached 2 seasons with girls varsity basketball, 3 seasons with boys varsity basketball and 17 seasons with the boys thirds basketball team. He also enthusiastically taught PE to our Middle Schoolers, introducing them to all the sports Williston had to offer.

When you add it all up, Mark coached for a remarkable 39 seasons during his 24 years at Williston. But limiting him to just his coaching duties would be just that—limiting. His largest impact on the School community was through his role as Athletic Director and leader of the Wildcats. His can-do spirit, greater emphasis on sportsmanship and reminder of “respect for self and others” were felt in action every day.

Mark is a creative, considerate and patient thinker who is willing to go outside the box, anticipate trends and meet the demands of our students. He founded new programs, grew the community through the team experience and played a role in improving the athletic facilities we train and compete on. Under his leadership and a focus on equity, the School added girls volleyball, girls golf, and Ultimate to its offerings. Mark also collaborated with Hall of Famer, Jay Grant, to add a full-time Strength & Conditioning coach to the athletics staff. This role has grown to be of vital importance to all of our student-athletes, not just those who are college bound.

With Mark as the Athletic Director, Williston students have fully embraced athletics and the role it can play in their lives. Every year, roughly 30 percent of the graduating class goes on to play collegiate athletics, something we can all be proud of. This is largely because of his leadership, hiring and inspiring future hall of fame coaches. There is also a tremendous balance with this, as Mark has prioritized the student experience no matter what level of team or program they belonged to. Over the course of 24 years, he has supported thousands of students and those who have coached them!

The impact Mark and his wife Monique have had on our School community was recognized earlier today with their Distinguished Service Award. He is the epitome of student-centered care and a lifetime of dedicated service to others. No one else represents the “green and blue” better.

Without question, Mark Conroy’s contributions to our Athletics Department and the greater School community reflect an exceptional measure of service and leadership throughout his 24 years at Williston.