Hall of Fame 2019

Coach Archibald “Heppie” Hepworth

Archibald “Heppie” Hepworth worked at Williston from 1926 until his retirement in 1973—a 47 year run at the academy. During this distinguished career, Hepworth wore many hats. He played a significant role in the athletic program, where he was a longtime head coach of both tennis (1939-1971) and basketball. While his leadership of these programs was substantial, perhaps his most beloved assignment was coaching each fall the novice football group called the Canaries. At least once, in 1941, they were undefeated. Each fall, he molded the Canaries into a team of boys that learned to love the sport, while also winning most of their games. Hepworth’s son, David, was a Canary when he played for his father in 1941. In addition to coaching, Hepworth taught history, primarily U.S., European, and ancient, and occasionally Latin and German. He also served as the Dean of Students during the last 12 years of his career. His former students and players would call him a taskmaster for whom no detail was irrelevant. They also appreciated his rapid-fire delivery—“Jeekers, young man, however did you think of that?”—peppered with anecdotes and asides, which could render them helpless with laughter. For Hepworth, there was no life “after Williston” when he retired in 1973. He lived within a few blocks of the school and attended most school events with his beloved bulldog Spence and died in 1989 at age 86. He was a great teacher, coach, humorist, and father.