A Great First Year


Williston’s new all-gender housing option is already forming its own strong identity

Tucked into the southwest corner of Williston’s new Residential Quad is a small house that’s making a big difference. Logan House, which has long been a housing option for students, took on a new role last fall as an all-gender house at Williston. All Williston students are eligible to live in Logan House, but its primary purpose is to meet the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies. For students who called Logan House home this year, the all-gender dorm provided them an opportunity to be uniquely themselves.

“I went in with high expectations and came out with an even better experience than expected,” said Elsa Frankel ’23. “Especially as an only child, it really felt like a family more than a dorm, because we were all friends.”

A large part of the welcoming atmosphere comes from its dorm parents: head dorm parent and science teacher Allison Tucker, her husband, Taylor, English teacher Maggie Haas, math teacher Josh Seamon-Ingalls, and theater facilities manager Charles Raffetto. For the Tuckers, the need for the all-gender dorm was apparent from the moment they heard about it. Allison identifies as queer, and Taylor is a transgender man. “We felt it was a really important role that we could fill,” Tucker said. “I really was excited to begin this journey for Williston for all-gender housing.” For the students living in Logan, the care dorm parents give is apparent. “I think all of the Logan dorm parents are really engaged in the dorm life,” Frankel said.

Forming this new dorm identity has come in many ways, from puzzle nights to a book club. Logan residents even came up with their own nickname—the Logan Lobsters—as they were preparing for the all-school lip synch contest last fall. Six students lived in the all-gender dorm this year—two seniors, four sophomores. Allison Tucker notes that returning students have a unique opportunity to shape Logan’s future and traditions. “I was really proud of the students who took that leap of faith at the beginning of the year to do this,” Tucker said. “It has been a great first year.”