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Campus Visitors Policy

For the safety of our campus community and guests, all visitors to campus, including parents and younger siblings, must be fully vaccinated.

ALL visitors to campus must also:

  • Carry proof of vaccination (vaccine card, photocopy, or photo on your phone) with you while on campus.
  • Wear a mask any time you are indoors.
  • Fill out the following short survey before coming to campus.

Williston Northampton School’s COVID-19 guidelines are subject to change based on state or local recommendations

Upcoming Events

The Office of Alumni Engagement is connecting alumni around the globe through video chats, presentations from alumni experts, and other virtual and in-person events. Check back often to see a listing of our events as we continue to roll them out. If you have an idea for an event or would like to schedule a virtual event with your class or affinity group, please contact Tammy Neils-Walker, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at (413) 529-3304 or

  • December 2: 2021 Western MA Holiday Celebration

    Join alumni, parents and friends for Williston Northampton School’s Western MA Holiday Celebration.

    Thursday, December 2

    6:30-8:30 p.m. EST
    Garden House at Look Park, Florence, MA

    Questions? Please contact Tammy Neils-Walker.

    See Who’s Coming
    1950  Bob Couch
    1955  Barbara Seaver Waters
    1956  Patricia Hurley Folmsbee
    1961  Ed Foster
    1966  Stewart Reed and Angela Perry P’21
    1968  Chip Keeney and Carol Keeney P’97
    1970  Bill Czelusniak
    1973  Cindy Archer
    1973  Betty Chase Hyde
    1974  Julia Andrew Emerson
    1974  Penny Dods Molyneux
    1975  Douglas Andrew
    1977  Jennifer Carpenter Reid
    1978  Ned Ferguson
    1979  Paula Brusco Banach
    1979  Maggie Hodges
    1980  Elizabeth Laprade Appelquist
    1981  Robert Hazen
    1982  John Anz
    1982  Laura Ferguson
    1985  Dave Fedor and Janice Fedor P’24
    1986  Ellen Rosenberg Livingston
    1989  Samantha Healy Vardaman
    1999  Corie Fogg
    2001  Loren Feinstein
    2001  Mitch Lopes
    2001  Paul McNeil
    2001  Kate Nocera
    2001  Kelli Punska
    2001  Meaghan Sullivan
    2007  Nick Nocera
    2008  Stefanie Davis
    2010  Adam Chagnon
    2010  Tori Gates
    2010  Reece Liang
    2016  Caroline Borden
    2016  Maddy Scott

    Current & Past Parents

    Jaya Agrawal and Simon Ahtaridis P’27
    Peter and Darcy Albanese P’16, ’20, ’20
    Sergio and Melissa Alvarado P’22
    Richard and Sabra Aquadro P’11, ’15, ’17
    Ellie and Matt Ballard P’23, ’25
    Sean Barry and Jenny Giering P’25
    Bill and Tina Berghoff P’14, ’15, ’15, ’23
    Lisa Berry and Casey Brown P’24, ’26
    Melinda Calianos P’18, ’23
    Karen Carswell P’26
    Erin Cherewatti P’24, ’27
    Ann Cooper-Ciccarelli P’25
    Caitlin Cronin and Alexander Berry P’23
    Bob and Janet Couch ’50, P’81, ’82, ’83, ’86, ’89, GP’17, ’21
    Kristin Dardano and Lilibeth Denham P’19, ’22
    Michael Doubleday and Andrea Noel-Doubleday P’25
    Jonathan and Katie Edwards P’22, ’25
    Eric Elliott P’22, ’24
    Deron Estes and Suzanne Newby Estes P’24, ’27
    David and Summer Fetterman P’24
    Wendy Foster P’23
    Claire Frierson P’04, ’06
    Jen Fulcher and Lisa Melendy P’18, ’20, ’24
    Jeff and Ana Gillis P’16, ’23
    Rachel Goldberg and Susan Cook P’23
    Dorrick Gordon P’00
    Al and Sally Griggs P’93, ’95
    Ann Hallock P’20, ’22
    Catherine Hancock P’08, ’10
    Bob and Kathryn Hill P’15, 19
    Jacqueline and Charles Howard P’25
    Yasser and Khadija Hussain P’25
    Todd and Robin Jensin P’23
    David Jin P’27
    Yvonne and James Keefe P’16, ’17
    Miriam and Michael King P’11, ’15, ’15
    Barbara Krauthamer and Noah Elkin P’25, ’27
    George Kriebel P’06, ’09
    Jilian and William Larkin P’22
    Kristen and Kevin Larson P’24
    Kristin Mattocks and Kim Callicoatte P’22, ’24
    Karen McAmis P’22, ’24
    Lisa and Brian McCarthy P’25, ’27
    Jenn and Kevin McDonald P’23, ’25
    Emily and Thomas McDowell P’27
    Marsha Messer P’00, ’03, ’07
    Jim and Penny Molyneux ’74, P’95, ’04
    Mikilani and Joselito Negron P’22, ’22
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Angela and Kevin O’Donnell P’24
    Rosette Odulio-Paez P’23, ’27
    John O’Keefe and Lynn Stopen P’22
    Isolda Ortega-Bustamante & Jaime Davilla P’21
    Ron and Jennifer Paasch P’27
    Mary Paige P’04, ’09
    Pranay Parikh and Elizabeth Schoenfeld P’27
    Savitri Rambissoon and Edward Lichocki P’26
    Todd Rees and Paula Sturdevant-Rees P’20
    Jim and Margaret Ricci P’98
    Lauren and Amy Shatz P’21, ’23
    Kim Sherman and Ken Carter P’27
    Terry and Julie Shields P’24
    Justine and Jeff Smith P’25
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Gary and Lori Toth P’20
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Laura and Richard Vachet P’21, ’25
    Krista and Robert Walker P’25
    Marc Warner and Bonnie Burke P’24
    Eric Yates and Kara McElhone P’17, ’21

    Current & Past Grandparents
    Roselle and Frederic Baxter GP’25
    Jacqueline and William Burkett GP’21, ’23
    Kathy Elliott GP’22, ’24
    Ken and Judy Larson GP’24
    Chris Mattocks GP’22, ’24
    Lenore Styler GP’25

    Current & Former Faculty and Staff
    Darcy Albanese P’16, ’20, ’20
    Ellie Ballard P’23, ’25
    Bill and Tina Berghoff P’14, ’15, ’15, ’23
    Corinne Briggs
    Nikki Chambers
    Cherrie Collins
    Bob and Janet Couch ’50, P’81, ’82, ’83, ’86, ’89, GP’17, ’21
    Michael Doubleday P’25
    Corie Fogg ’99
    Jen Fulcher P’18, ’20, ’24
    Laurie and Eugenio Garcia P’10, ’12
    Rachel Goldberg P’23
    Ann Hallock P’20, ’22
    Bob and Kathryn Hill P’15, ’19
    Miriam King P’11, ’15, ’15
    Chuck and Martha McCullagh P’10, ’13
    Emily McDowell P’27
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Mary Paige P’04, ’09
    Ann Pickrell
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Laura Vachet P’21, ’25
    Dave Werner
    Eric Yates P’17, ’21

  • December 7: 2021 NYC Holiday Celebration

    Join alumni, parents and friends for Williston Northampton School’s NYC Holiday Celebration.

    Tuesday, December 7

    6:30-8:30 p.m. EST
    New York Yacht Club, New York

    Special thanks to New York Yacht Club sponsor, Trustee Fred Allardyce ’59, GP’19, ’20, ’22, ’24.

    Questions? Please contact Tammy Neils-Walker.

    See Who’s Coming
    1951  Erik Nicolaysen
    1957  Paul Finney
    1958  Katie Rosenberg
    1961  Richard Adelmann
    1962  David Elton
    1962  David Stevens
    1965  Albert Spencer
    1967  Ronald Varney
    1968  Jim Cain
    1968  John Carroll
    1970  Warner Babcock
    1971  Bob Christensen
    1971  Arthur Coleman
    1972  Tony Spagnola and Ann Spagnola P’10
    1973  Judy Collen Fisher
    1976  John Hazen White
    1976  Mark Young
    1978  Mark Andrews
    1978  Rogelio Ramos
    1980  Suzanne Snyder Johnson
    1981  Josh Braun
    1981  David Cochran
    1981  Meredith Falvey
    1981  Robert Perry
    1982  Mike Doetsch
    1982  Michael Grossman
    1983  Hank Baer
    1983  Mark Berman
    1983  John Booth
    1983  Tory Falconer Crane
    1983  Susan Midgley Komosa
    1983  Geoffrey Lewis
    1983  Jodi Eisenberg Rubenstein
    1983  Margaret McCann Rutherfurd
    1984  Mary Alcock
    1984  Elizabeth Shaler
    1985  Diana Chaplin
    1985  Carol Childs
    1985  Adam Cohn
    1985  Todd France
    1985  Zoë Neal Francois
    1985  Mahinder Kingra
    1985  PJ Kuyper
    1985  Terry Martin
    1985  Stephen Tedesco
    1986  Ellen Rosenberg Livingston
    1987  Jennie Dunham
    1988  Kristi Prigmore
    1989  Rich Monopoli
    1990  Deirdre Griffin
    1990  Jesse Eaton
    1996  Mike Walsh
    1998  Michael George
    1998  Caitlin Mitchell
    1999  Corie Fogg
    2004  Sara Skolnick
    2006  Mac Johnson
    2006  Eric Ketcham
    2006  Vincent Outerbridge
    2008  Betsy Collins
    2009  Susana Alvarez
    2009  Ashley Carrasquillo Harris
    2009  Meaghan Koch
    2009  Elis Shin
    2009  Mikayla Strycharz
    2009  Cameron Williams
    2010  Christina Djossa
    2010  Nick Jeffway
    2010  Ben Kravitz
    2010  Nadine Muniz
    2010  Dominique Rowe
    2010  Jack Spagnola
    2012  Brandon Diaz
    2012  Nichole Palmero
    2012  Maria Strycharz
    2012  Simon Wool
    2012  Kiernan Zehring
    2013  Felicia Dixon
    2013  Miranda Gohh
    2013  Natalie Hippolyte
    2013  Kelly O’Donnell
    2013  Sebastian Rivera
    2013  Eva Stern-Rodriguez
    2014  Emily Cavazuti
    2014  Nell Heidinger
    2014  Esther Kim
    2014  Henry Lombino
    2014  Tim Nowacki
    2014  Jill Slezek
    2015  Coco Herbst
    2015  Cade Zawacki
    2016  Suzette Abreu
    2016  Olivia Berk-Krauss
    2016  Yuwei Cao
    2016  Jen Cavazuti
    2016  Zoya-Jade Lewin
    2016  Toula Sierros
    2016  Izzy Tegtmeyer
    2017  Simone Barrett
    2017  Chris Espinal
    2017  Gabby Mercier
    2017  Destiny Nwafor
    2017  Natalie Richard
    2017  Ava McElhone Yates
    2018  A’Shaela Chaires
    2018  Natalie Romain
    2018  Xavier Thibault
    2019  Robby Hill
    2019  Thomas Thibault
    2020  Zachary Mills
    2021  Hannah Cannizzo

    Current & Past Parents
    Ellie Ballard P’23, 25
    Brett Barth P’23
    Aaron and Heather Blair P’25
    Erin Gaudreau and Alexander Dixon P’24
    Rachel Goldberg P’23
    Walter Graff P’23, ’26
    Rusty Hanson P’24
    Bob Hill P’15, ’19
    Jaime and Laura Jofre P’22
    Sarah Klumpp P’24, ’27
    Sara Lamm and Matt Aselton P’25
    Jessica Lawrence and Tim Malone P’25
    Chuck and Martha McCullagh P’10, ’13
    Emily McDowell P’27
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Michael Saliba and Libby Morgan-Saliba P’25
    Matt and Sarah Sawyer P’22, ’24
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Tiffany Umaña P’24
    Christine and Walt Winrow P’18, ’21
    Eric Yates P’17, ’21

    Herbert Graff GP’23
    Mahesan and Helen Richards GP’25, ’27

    Faculty & Staff
    Ellie Ballard P’23, 25
    Corinne Briggs
    Cherrie Collins
    Corie Fogg ’99
    Jen Fulcher P’18, ’20, ’24
    Rachel Goldberg P’23
    Bob Hill P’15, ’19
    Sarah Klumpp P’24, ’27
    Chuck and Martha McCullagh P’10, ’13
    Emily McDowell P’27
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Ann Pickrell
    Matt and Sarah Sawyer P’22, ’24
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Dave Werner
    Eric Yates P’17, ’21

  • December 14: 2021 Boston Holiday Celebration

    Join alumni, parents and friends for Williston Northampton School’s Boston Holiday Celebration.

    Tuesday, December 14
    6:30-8:30 p.m. EST
    Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

    Questions? Please contact Tammy Neils-Walker.

    See Who’s Coming
    1954  Barbara Nash Flannery
    1960 Charles Callahan
    1970  Joe Rigali
    1973  Rob Tullis
    1976  John Hazen White
    1977  Jeff Baker
    1984  David Quinn
    1986  Ellen Rosenberg Livingston
    1988  Jai Chanda
    1990  Jenn Johnson
    1990  Karen Rainey
    1993  Sarah Griggs
    1995  Jessica Lang Breish
    1995  Glenn Jones
    1998  Alison Branch Meade
    1999  Dan Bowers
    1999  Corie Fogg
    2002  Jenna Plunkett
    2003  Ezra Barnehama
    2004  Robert Eckstut
    2005  Ryan Schille
    2006  Julia Clark
    2006  James Meinert
    2006  Jo Wakelin
    2007  Kelly Coffey
    2007  Brittany Glenn
    2007  Sam Teece
    2008  Tyler Payne
    2009  Esther Ayuk
    2010  Ava Foster
    2010  Paul Goldsmith
    2010  Reece Liang
    2010  Chris Zombik
    2011  Courtney Aquadro
    2011  Meghan Shumway
    2012  Daniel Graham
    2012  Tommy Jenkins
    2012  Walter McLaughlin
    2012  Simon Wool
    2013  Nick Kioussis
    2013  Jack Shumway
    2014  Hannah Gagnon
    2014  Alex Kozikowski
    2014  Gia Parker
    2014  Jackie Perry
    2014  Sylvia Skerry
    2015  John Kay
    2015  Terry O’Brien
    2016  Audrey Barnes
    2016  Bryan Bates
    2016  Zach Bernstein
    2016  Caroline Borden
    2016  Ian Bowman
    2016  Gabbie Foderaro
    2016  Calvin Frye
    2016  Lauren Helm
    2016  Christopher Lansill
    2016  Haley McCreary
    2016  Vivien Shao
    2016  Alyssa Stevens
    2016  Liz Warncke
    2016  Maggie White
    2017  Natalie Aquadro
    2017  Mike D’Ambrosio
    2017  Nick Day
    2017  Noah DeVos
    2018  Lizzie Cuevas
    2018  Billy Smith
    2019  Sally Alrutz
    2019  Chris Denham
    2019  Walter Kissane
    2019  Aidan McCreary
    2019  Sabrina Shao
    2020  Rider Bishop
    2021  Ruby McElhone Yates

    Current & Past Parents
    Douglas and Annelise Atamian P’23
    Ellie Ballard P’23, ’25
    Teresa Belmonte P’16
    Jeff and Aura Bruce P’22
    Ted and Kate Carroll P’25
    Brad and Julia Conlin P’23
    Mark and Monique Conroy P’10, ’12
    Chris Dietrich P’23, ’27
    Paloma and Paul Ferreira P’21
    Jen Fulcher P’18, ’20, ’24
    Liza Katz and Liz Gallinaro P’23
    Jonathan and Sarah Gibbons P’23
    Rachel Goldberg P’23
    Peter Gunn P’18, ’20
    John and Kristen Hedstrom P’24
    Bob and Kathryn Hill  P’15, ’19
    Abby and Ed Johnson P’22
    Sarah Klumpp P’24, ’27
    Marilyn and David Komessar P’22
    David and Michelle LaFountain P’22
    Allison Marsland P’13, ’24
    Chuck and Martha McCullagh P’10, ’13
    Gail and Neil McCullagh P’25
    Karen and Tushar Misra P’25
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Jennifer Njuki P’24
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Eric Yates P’17, ’21

    Current & Past Grandparents
    Michael and Lee Behnke GP’23, ’27
    Fred and Barbara Bunger GP’23
    Elaine Cohen GP’23
    Delores Howley GP’23, ’25
    Sandra Samek GP’08
    Joanne Trask GP’23

    Faculty and Staff
    Ellie Ballard P’23, ’25
    Corinne Briggs
    Cherrie Collins
    Mark and Monique Conroy P’10, ’12
    Chris Dietrich P’23, ’27
    Corie Fogg ’99
    Jen Fulcher P’18, ’20, ’24
    Rachel Goldberg P’23
    Peter Gunn P’18, ’20
    Bob and Kathryn Hill P’15, 19
    Tom Johnson
    Sarah Klumpp P’24, ’27
    Allison Marsland P’13, ’24
    Chuck and Martha McCullagh P’10, ’13
    Tammy Neils-Walker P’22
    Ann Pickrell
    Jill Stern P’14, ’19
    Greg Tuleja P’05
    Dave Werner
    Eric Yates P’17, ’21

  • January Virtual Finance Series

    Wednesday, January 12
    7 p.m. EST
    with Trustee, Mijanou Malise Spurdle ’86

    Wednesday, January 19
    12 p.m. EST
    with Trustee, Rich Wagman P’14

    Wednesday, January 26 
    12 p.m. EST
    with Trustee, Jai Chanda ’88

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Late February: Los Angeles Alumni Reception

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Early March: San Francisco Alumni Reception

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Mid March: West Palm Beach Alumni Reception

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Mid March: West Coast Florida Alumni Reception

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Late March: Boston Professional Networking Event

    Check back here for details soon!

  • Early April: Washington DC Alumni Reception

    Check back here for details soon!

  • June 4: Celebrating the Class of 2020

    The Class of 2020 and their families are invited back for a special celebration on campus and in-person with their classmates, teachers, and coaches. It will be a fun chance to reconnect with friends and faculty, and enjoy some special Williston traditions.

    Invitation and more details to follow for this in-person event at the Williston Northampton School.

  • June 10-12: Reunion 2022

    Check back here for details soon!

Past Events

  • November 30: Rewiring Our Mentality of Opportunity with Dana Gangel Corey ’78
  • November 17: Knowing and Working with the “Architect of Bletchley Park – Gordon Welchman” with Ted Hollingworth ’51: Watch recording
  • November 4: Finding Your Superpower with Sarah Williams Carlan ’92: Watch recording
  • October 20: Meet the New Deans: Dean of Faculty, Corie Fogg ’99, and Dean of DEIB, Nikki Chambers
  • October 18: Memories of Williston Academy Project with Ed Foster ’61
  • October 15: Northampton School for Girls Class of 1971 Zoom Get-Together
  • October 8 & 9: Williston Academy Classes of ’70 & ’71 50th Reunion
  • September 10-26: Pints and Pancakes Virtual 5K
  • August 31: Hartford Yard Goats Game
  • June 7-11: Virtual Reunion 2021
  • May 27: A Non-Zoom Extravaganza Reunion Class Social ’00-’16
  • May 24-27: Class socials for the 0s & 5s
  • April 29: Cover letter, Resume & Job Search Strategies with Sue Colina ’88: Watch recording
  • April 21: Anyone Can Run: From the Track to the Streets with Sidney Baptista ’05 and Gabby Thomas ’15: Watch recording
  • April 14: The Good News About Aging with Dr. Katharine Cole Esty ’52: Watch recording
  • April 8: Northeast Winemaking and Wines with Chuck Tauck ’72: Watch recording
  • March 25: How to Live Harmoniously in 2021 with Aska Naito ’93: Watch recording
  • March 18: The Future of Cannabis with Shaun Chapman ’98 and Tori Gates ’10: Watch recording
  • March 11: Tales of Travel Adventures with Anthony Willoughby ’70: Watch recording
  • March 4: Reflections on Working with Former President George H. W. Bush with David Bates ’71: Watch recording
  • February 25: Podcasting – The Future of Storytelling with Christina Djossa ’10 & Catherine Saint Louis ’92: Watch recording
  • February 23: WNS Anti-Racism Committee Sponsored Update & Discussion
  • February 4: A Panel Discussion on the Movie “WILLIE: How the descendant of escaped slaves changed hockey forever” with Bryant McBride ’84: Watch recording; Screen the film here
  • February 3: Head of School Update to Alumni
  • January 27: Style Session with Merideth Morgan ’03:
    Watch recording
  • January 19: Closet Clean-Out with Merideth Morgan ’03:
    Watch recording
  • January 14: Turning an Interview into an Offer with Sarah Levine Meyer ’00: Watch recording
  • January 13: Fitness, Nutrition & Self-Care with Merideth Morgan ’03: Watch recording
  • December 17: Williston Academy Class of 1970 Holiday Social
  • December 15: Photojournalism: Then & Now with Sean Kardon ’79: Watch recording
  • December 9: Cryptocurrencies: Is the Future of Money Digital? with Niels Gjertson ’98: Watch recording

See past event photos:

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