Abby Dennin

Programming a Self-Driving Toy Car

The Scholar: Abby Dennin

The Project: Programming a Self-Driving Toy Car

The Essential Question: “My Williston Scholars project is a self-driving car. I used image recognition software, and now my car can recognize cats and dogs, people, and traffic signs.”

My Inspiration: “I was interested in this project mostly because I like autonomous coding. On the robotics team, we do a lot of work getting the robot to perform tasks on its own, without the assistance of a driver. I wanted to learn more about the real-life applications of autonomous robots and a prime example would be a self-driving car.”

Nest Steps: “I plan to continue this project next trimester by setting up a track for the car with “pedestrians” (Lego people) and toy traffic signs. I hope to have it recognize and respond to these objects appropriately on its own.”