Hall of Fame 2022

Coach Ann Pickrell


Ann Pickrell came to Williston in the fall of 1982 after four years at Cushing Academy where she coached field hockey, skiing, track, and lacrosse. At the time, girls sports at Williston were playing catch-up to a boys program that was well established. A Springfield College grad with a passion for athletics, Coach Pickrell didn’t take long to impact the growth of the girls program. In her first five years, she was the head coach of both the field hockey and lacrosse programs. As the years unfolded, she would make her greatest contribution to field hockey—a program she would ultimately lead for 30 years with distinction, winning 220 games along the way. NEPSAC champi- onship tournament play began during the mid-90s and soon became one of the measuring sticks of competitive success. During the 16 years that these tournaments took place, Coach Pickrell’s teams qualified for the tournament a remarkable 13 times, including advancing to the semis and finals five times. Additionally, her teams routinely won the Western New England prep championship. In the spring of 2003, thanks in large part to the initiative of its first coach, Williston made the decision to start a girls golf program. Ann Pickrell eagerly stepped into this leadership role and quickly established a program that grew under her mentorship. She would lead the girls golf program for 20 years through the spring of 2022, winning over 100 matches as head coach. While Ann Pickrell’s competi- tive success is certainly noteworthy, her greatest impact has been on the lives of countless girls who have had the privilege of competing under her tutelage. Coach Ann Pickrell has been a pioneering and important leader in the history of girls athletics at Williston over the last 40 years.