Time Out and Time to Remember


Photo: Assistant Coaches Vincent Lobello and Daniel Carpenter flank Coach Francis and 1963 football co-captains Dick Buckley and Bob Montgomery.

Originally published in the May 2000 issue of the Williston Northampton School Bulletin, upon the retirement of beloved faculty member and coach Richard “Rick” Francis.

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Thanks for those years, Rick, and for always being there to say hi on the many campus returns. For those of us who would never play at the college level and those few who did play later, we cherish our schoolboy memories. — Jim Hamilton ’61

For making those fall afternoons from 3 to 5 my favorite time. — Edmund Green ’67

You can’t retire yet, my oldest son is ready to come to Williston next year and you’re supposed to be his coach! Your home was home away from home for a lot of us. You’ll never know how wonderful and proud I was getting invitations for dinner with you and Marilyn and your small boys. — Peter I. Wold ’67

You taught us mathematics and the mature values of gentlemen. — Dick Potsubay ’59

The lasting value for me has been this connection between performance, competency, and inspiration. To be successful we all need blends of these qualities and we all need parents, teachers, friends, and especially coaches like Rick Francis to help us make this blend. — Jim DeAngelis ’61

I was fortunate to have had four additional seasons of football after leaving Williston. Although I had several other good coaches, none inspired me more or instructed me better. — Charlie Benoit ’60

For two generations of DeLuca boys, you are the heart and soul of Williston athletics and a friend for life. — David V. DeLuca ’60

You taught me to keep my head up after difficult losses, on and off the field. I will keep that important trait with me for the rest of my life. — James B. DeLuca ’95

I have looked at my athletic involvement at Williston as one of the most important aspects of my life … Thank you for what you did for me and everyone else whom you coached and guided. — Clifford L. Sterrett ’66

You have helped so many of us to mature and grow from boys to men. — Gene DeFilippo ’69

I can still remember some of your pre-game talks to your teams I was on. They influence how I try to work with young people to this day. — Bill Carpenter ’65

Basically a great guy and coach. A huge influence on me. I’ll never forget him. I wish he knew how I turned out. He’d be proud. — Clay Viemeister ’70

Williston and its many young men have greatly benefitted from your skill at molding a disparate bunch of individuals into a functioning team. I benefitted greatly from the experience of playing for you. — Vic Fazio ’61