The Big Question


What is your favorite spot on the Williston campus and why?



My favorite spot on the Williston campus is at the end of Sawyer Field by the pond. Very few people go there, but you can see most of campus. You can sometimes hear the music people are playing over the pond, which is always really relaxing and cool because the practice rooms are all the way across the pond. There is a little bench and a small green area where you can hang out with friends. It’s best in the spring because there are ducks and geese and baby geese out on the pond all swimming. Honestly the baby geese are one of the highlights of campus—they are just so cute.—Shea Huntley ’24

Outside of Ford because that’s where a bunch of people gather, talk, and have a good time just relaxing—sometimes by a fire.—Hudson Fulcher-Melendy ’24

My favorite spot on campus is the Reed Campus Center. I love it because it’s comfortable and fun. I love the Stu-Bop because the cooks are always so nice and make my day better! I love the dance room because it’s so full of light. I love the art rooms because they are fun and full of cool art supplies. I love the hallways and how they echo when you and your friends are laughing a lot. I love the Dodge Room because it’s like a portal back in time of how Williston used to be. I love the building architecture itself because of how many windows there are and how the gallery can be observed from two floors.—Hadley Smith ’28

My favorite spot on campus is definitely Grubbs Gallery in the Reed Campus Center. I have sung in performances there and I just love its unique architecture and great acoustics! I’ll also often go there in my free time to practice one of the songs that I’m learning in Honors Chamber Singers.—Sako Lively ’25

The art studio in room 105 is my favorite spot on the Williston campus. It is a space where everyone can enjoy arts—drawing, painting, and making. Artists are provided with everything they need: all sorts of paints, fancy brushes, textiles, spray prints, 3D printers, and more. I believe many of us like to visit the art studio on a regular basis whenever we feel like it, for it is such an inspirational and immersive place that sparked and cultivated my interest in arts. — Shirley Shi ’23

My favorite spot on campus is the Sabina Cain Family Athletic Center! I’ve made so many friends during afternoon activities and made so many memories. The athletic center has brought me closer to so many faculty members and students. I continue to make more memories as my friends and I go down during free blocks and play squash!—Livia Locke ’26

My favorite spot on the Williston campus is the Birch Dining Commons. Especially at dinner, the dining hall is always full of life. There is never a dull moment in there, as people from all different friend groups, teams, and dorms sit together and crack jokes. My friends and I can spend hours sitting at a table, and some of my best memories come from time spent here together. It’s also just such a lively and bustling environment, with faculty kids and people of all grades running around, that you are bound to find some sort of innocent and wholesome chaos here.—Katherine Kang ’23

The library—it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends or have an intense study session. After a long day, there’s nothing better than sinking into a squishy armchair to grind out your homework. Being able to ask teachers for help in the writing, math, or science resource centers has been a tremendous help to me over the years.—Elle Christakos ’24

My favorite spot on campus is the Adirondack chairs in front of Memorial Hall. This area is perfect to be with friends or alone in any season. In the fall and spring, it is a beautiful area to play cards with friends, eat Dunkin’ on the weekend, or sit and read a book. In the winter, the fire pit provides warmth so we can still enjoy each other’s company without having to be indoors. The chairs are easy to move so that a group of friends of any size can join in and the circle of chairs can be made bigger. The location is also perfect since it is almost in the center of campus, so anyone can pass by and take a seat.—Alyssa Matricciani ’25

My favorite spot at Williston is Galbraith Fields, because I have made so many memories there with my friends throughout my five years of athletics. It also has the best view on campus.—Calvin Klumpp ’24