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Students Dedicate “The Log” to Health and Wellness Nurses


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In a pandemic year marked by weekly COVID-19 testing, mask-wearing, and social distance, students dedicated their yearbook to the nursing staff of the Health and Wellness department.

“On behalf of the class of 2021, we would like to thank the Williston nurses for all the love and support they have given us during such a difficult year,” the dedication in The Log reads. “Nurses, your preparedness and dedication to the health of this campus is one of the reasons we were able to have as close to a ‘normal’ school year as can be expected during a global pandemic. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

Editor Emily O’Brien ’21 profiled each of the seven nurses in the department: Director of Health and Wellness Services Amber Mish, Lindsay Hanford, Amy Lehane, Kathleen Hunter, Robyn Beaton, Sarah Romain, and Autumn Roy.

“It really meant a lot to all of us in the office to be recognized with the yearbook dedication,” said Mish. “It was very unexpected and such an honor.

“The past 15 months have been something that none of us ever expected to face in our careers. It was great to see the whole community pull together and have everyone do their part to make this year a success. While it was Health and Wellness who got the recognition in the yearbook, none of what we were doing would have made a difference without the support and cooperation of the whole campus community.”


In photo above, pictured are, from left, back row, Robyn Beaton (nurse), Joseph Katz (counselor), Peter Elsea P’19 (physician), Autumn Roy (nurse), and Amy Lehane (nurse); front row: Kathy Hunter (nurse), Deb Potee (Director of Counseling Services), Amber Mish (Director of HWS), Lindsay Hanford (nurse), and Sarah Romain (nurse).