Outstanding Mathematician Adds to Team Success


This year’s powerhouse Williston math team had quite a year. At the Math Majors of America Tournament at Yale University, it competed against 42 top high school teams from up and down the East Coast and placed second overall. Well done, Wildcats!

Crucial to that win was Steven Wang ’20, a math student who, according to Math Department Head Josh Seamon, one encounters once or twice in a career. “Steven is incredible,” Seamon said. “Not only did he, for the second year in a row, place in the top 250 math competitors in the country (out of 300K+!) to qualify for the US Math Olympiad, this year he placed in the top 50 on the USMAO to qualify for the Math Olympiad Summer Program! The six-member U.S. math team is chosen at the MOSP!”

More on Steven:

  • He qualified for the USA Math Olympiad last year. Less than 500 students out of the over 250,000 that start the process qualify for the USAMO.
  • Last year he finished fourth and this year second in the New England Math League out of over 3,000 competitors.
  • Last year he finished third at the Yale MMATHs competition
  • This year he finished 50th out of all 800+ students at the Harvard MIT Math competition, one of the most prestigious university-based competitions in the world.
  • He was accepted in the Stanford Math Camp, one of 40 students from a pool of 600 applicants.

We can’t wait to see what Steven does as he moves into his junior year at Williston Northampton School!