Nina Goodrich ’74

Retired, former Executive Director of Sustainable Packing Coalition and GreenBlue

What advice would you give to a girl graduating from Williston today?   

I would say study science. It helps to understand how things work. Be curious. Look for more than one source. Ask for the data.

Tell us about a woman who is your hero and why?

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine Wilkinson

They wrote “All We Can Save, Truth Courage and Solutions for the Climate Crisis.” It’s a book of essays from women at the forefront of the climate movement. It provides hope that we can change through community and through action.

What do you think is next for women in your professional field?

The field of sustainability is changing and growing at a rapid rate. It’s so important even if sustainability is not your chosen field to understand why it is important and use it as a lens for decision making. The next generations will have to think about resources differently. Understanding carbon footprints and circularity of raw materials will be key for many industries in the future. We have the opportunity to rethink how we make and use things.

What motivates you in your work and life?

I am curious. I like to understand how things work. I am currently motivated to think about ways to mitigate climate change and influence our impact on energy, water, transportation, agriculture and waste.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Learn how to think critically by studying science and math. Data doesn’t lie.