New Senior Caroline O’Connor Shines on Field, in AP Classrooms


In her first few weeks on campus, Caroline O’Connor is already making a mark on this school both on and off the field.

A first-year senior Caroline attended Hampshire Regional for her first three years of high school, then repeated her junior year at Northfield Mount Hermon. Tired of enduring hour-long rides to campus, Caroline looked for a school that was closer to Southampton, Mass., home while maintaining the academic and athletic rigor she was used to.

When looking for a new school, Caroline wanted a place that would accept her, not just athletically — she plays soccer, basketball, and track — or academically, but as a whole person.

“I love the support that I have on campus, from teachers to coaches, and even other students,” Caroline said. “The positive influence of this community on me will make me a better person.” Without hesitation, Caroline knew that Williston was the place for her.

Monique Conroy, math teacher and Girls’ Varsity Soccer coach, thinks Caroline is a great asset to the team. “Caroline is a strong, focused, determined athlete that is nothing but positive,” Conroy said. “We are so lucky to have her at Williston.”

Junior Emily Zambarano agrees. “Caroline is super energetic and inspirational,” Emily said. “Her energy motivates the whole team to keep going when we are tired.”

She is well-loved on field, but there is misperception that Caroline is an athlete first and foremost. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Caroline has been taking AP classes all of high school, but her favorites, in which she’s currently enrolled, are AP Literature, AP Comparative Government, and AP Psychology. She prefers humanities classes over lab sciences or math, and wants to continue her education in college with similar classes to the ones she’s taking now. In college, Caroline said she plans to study political science and studio art.

This story originally ran in The Willistonian.