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Five Fun Things You’ll Love About Dorm Life at Williston


Ever wonder what it’s like to live away from home at a New England boarding school? At the Williston Northampton School, boarding is like living with your best friends! Each of Williston’s seven single-gender dorms has its own feeling, from the charm of Memorial Hall to the comforts of John Wright to the Victorian-goes-green vibe of the trio of dorms that frame our new residential quad. Wherever you end up, you’ll soon realize there’s much to delight in when calling Williston your home away from home. Whether it’s having on-site dorm parents to rely on or being paired with fantastic roommates, here are five things you’ll love about being a boarding student at Williston. 

An Instant Social Life with Study Mates, Classmates, and Teammates 

Have you ever imagined living in a house with a bunch of your best friends?. Our boarders often describe their dormmates as being their support network. Living away from home and not always having immediate access to your friends and family can be tough. Fortunately, we’re all pretty friendly here at Williston. When you move in, you’ll be paired with a roommate in addition to being able to meet the others who reside in your building. This is an exciting time for boarding students because they are able to stretch their social legs and get to know their school family.   

Amazing Dorm Parents Who Plan Fun Events and Mentor You

Williston’s dorm parents help guide you with decisions, involve you in dorm traditions, and are there to listen when you need to talk. In essence, dorm parents are friendly support when you need it most. Not only do they provide an additional layer of stability to dorm life overall, but they take the time to ensure their boarders are doing okay. Dorm parents plan dorm specific events too! The events are a blast and they help boarding students foster stronger relationships with their dormmates.  

Common Spaces to Hang Out In

Comfy couches, mini-kitchens, pool tables—our dorms are designed around places to chill and study with your friends. We’re not sure about you but when we imagine a New England boarding school, we picture super cozy interiors. At Williston, you’ll find just that. When students reside at our school, we want them to feel as comfortable and at home as possible. Creating dorm spaces that aren’t only welcoming but also places you want to hang out in is incredibly important to us. Therefore, we deliver. 

A Crash Course in Life Skills

As one senior put it, “Living what is essentially a college lifestyle has made me more responsible and reliable.” One of the biggest draws of boarding school life is the ability to exert more independence over your life. While you have your dorm parent(s) and friends to lend support as needed, it’s still you calling the shots at the end of the day. Much like living in college, you’ll take ownership of the quality of your schoolwork, what you choose to eat for dinner, what time you go to bed, etc. A lot of responsibility goes into managing one’s life and living at our New England boarding school allows you to develop a firmer grasp on those responsibilities years before most of your peers. Besides, there’s nothing like staying ahead of the curve. 

Friends for Life

There’s an undeniable bond that grows among people who live and work together. It’s a connection that many of our alumni say never goes away. As one of our seniors put it, “The dorm life is one of the most important aspects of Williston to me. The dorm has become my second home.” When people say “high school is the best time of your life,” it can mean many things. One of those things is the friends you make throughout your four years of high school. This notion is amplified at boarding school. The roots of friendship for boarders run a bit deeper than day students because when school ends for the day, boarders are still living and functioning together. Living at Williston allows students to take their friendships to the next level and genuinely foster relationships that last for life. 

Come Reside at Our New England Boarding School

When considering boarding schools, the academics are tantamount but so is the dorm life. Students residing at school need support and the space to be themselves, both of which we offer in abundance at Williston. Consider taking a virtual tour of our campus, facilities, and dorms to better acquaint yourself with what life at Williston looks like. If what you see piques your interest then we can’t wait to have you.