Dean of Faculty Announces Two New Instructorships for 2021-22


During the first in-person Assembly in the Phillips Stevens Chapel since February 2020, Dean of Faculty Corinne Fogg ’99 announced two new instructorships. The recipients are History and Global Studies Teacher Allison Malinowski and English Teacher Gianna Muscari.

Northampton School for Girls Instructorship
Established in 1999 by alumnae of the Northampton School for Girls, the Northampton School for Girls Instructorship is designed to note the importance of that school in the lives of alumnae and to support the focus on the education of young women that remains a part of the commitment of the merged schools. 

This year’s recipient of the Northampton School for Girls Instructorship is a member of the faculty who is described by her colleagues as creative and energetic, with a keen student-centered approach to teaching. Students share how they look forward to her class; she holds a demonstrates passion for teaching history and fosters critical thinking in her classroom. Her colleague, Mrs. Evelti Polin, describes this faculty member as “an invaluable support for teachers and students in the use of technology in the classroom.” Revealing her entrepreneurial spirit, this faculty member helped to create Williston’s first online summer seminars program last year. This year’s recipient holds great promise in our commitment as two schools now merged. Congratulations, Allison Malinowski. 


Sandra B. ’55 and Joseph C. Mesics Instructorship  
Established in 2001 to recognize a young faculty member’s initiatives in and out of the classroom, the Sandra B. and Joseph C. Mescis Instructorship is awarded this year to a faculty member who is described by her colleague, Sarah Sawyer, as a new teacher with an old soul. Possessing an “innate understanding of the most important elements of the classroom experience, this faculty member radiates warmth and enthusiasm. Her lessons reflect the values of the Williston Northampton School and a deep appreciation for collaboration, critical thinking, and joy. In my time at Williston as Dean of Faculty, I have confirmed what her colleagues have shared – this faculty member is energetic, humble, hardworking, focused, and joyful. Students and colleagues alike will continue to benefit from her presence at the School. Congratulations, Gianna Muscari.