Athletes of the Week

Eric Carter ‘23 – Boys Varsity Golf

Eric is a leading member of the boys’ varsity golf team. His experience and success in competitive golf makes him an excellent role model for the younger players who aspire to play in varsity matches and continue their golfing careers in college. Eric is a skilled competitor who understands that a player must be cool and confident to play their best golf. Eric’s confidence, talent, and calm personality made him an obvious choice to play in the #1 position in their first match of the season against Westminster, Salisbury and Suffield. Despite never playing the course before our match, Eric was able to shoot an excellent score of 39. Eric’s positive attitude, sportsmanship, and determination will play a key role in the success of the team in the weeks ahead.

Isabel Gargamelli ‘25– Girls Varsity Water Polo

Isabel has proven to be an excellent water polo defender but so far this season she has also focused on becoming a more complete player while continuing to support her teammates in and out of the pool. That determination shined through this past week as she scored three goals in each of the Saturday games against Loomis and Exeter as well as scoring the teams’ first two goals in the Wednesday match with Choate – all team victories! With Isabel’s strong contributions at both ends of the pool the girls’ water polo team looks to continue their winning ways this spring

MJ Charles ‘23 – Boys Track & Field

MJ has shown great effort and leadership during the first three weeks of practice before our first meet. He is consistently one of the first to practice and one of the last to leave. Transitioning from drill to drill, MJ does an excellent job of leading the group and modeling focus and effort. MJ has backed up his leadership with action on the track and stands to be a valuable contributor throughout the season in the sprints and relays. For both his genuine leadership and his athletic accomplishments, the Wildcats are better for having MJ as one of our team leaders!

Katya Krasnovskaya ‘24 – Girls Varsity Tennis

Katya has proven to be an outstanding addition to the girls’ varsity tennis team. After a challenging match after number #1 doubles, Katya was determined to play her best in her singles match. Facing a strong senior team captain from NMH, Katya used her powerful groundstrokes to keep her opponent off balance. Katya’s signature one handed backhand overwhelmed her opponent leading Katya to her first victory at number #2 singles. Her enthusiasm for the game and easy smile makes everyone around her better during practice. The team is excited to see what the season holds for Katya!

Noah Fox ‘23 – Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Noah did a great job for varsity boys lacrosse this past week both on and off the field! Offensively, he was the team’s catalyst leading their attack scoring three goals while assisting on nine others. His ability to set up his teammates for quality scoring chances stood out in both road games. Beyond his contributions on the field, Noah’s positive leadership and energy off the field was exceptional as time and time again, he gave the team the spark that they needed. The team looks forward to Noah’s continued leadership and play as they take on the rest of their schedule.

Coraly Siegel ‘23 – Girls Track & Field

Coraly is a two-year member of the team and has been a resilient contributor all along. A stalwart competitor and excellent leader in practice, she can be counted on to remain positive, present and ever helpful in leading the distance squad. Coraly has a real love for running and training and is an excellent role model for her peers to follow as she charges up the hills or around the track on training runs. Beyond her grit and determination, she has an attitude and personality that the other girls easily rally around. This spring, the Wildcats will look to Coraly to be a leader in the 1500 and 3000. Due to her consistent leadership and athletic accomplishments, the team is better for having Coraly on it!!

Alex Hall-Witt ’23 – Boys Varsity Ultimate

Alex has started this spring’s ultimate season where he left off last spring! He has thrown for 18 scores on just 32 points played in the first two games. On a windy day against NMH, he repeatedly threw around, over and through their zone defense. Alex is the undisputed leader of the team and has been teaching new players the flow of the offense and their expected roles. The Wildcats are looking forward to another great season with Alex as their team leader!

Liza Hampson ‘25 – Girls JV Lacrosse

Liza is one of the returning members on the JV girls lacrosse team and has shown up each day determined to be a team leader. As a player, she is a strong member of our defensive squad and leads by example on that end of the field. Her coaches appreciate her willingness to help during practice, pushing herself to learn the game each day and guiding our newer players. The girls JV lacrosse team is looking forward to a great season for Liza!

Est Sukcharoenyingyong ‘24 – Boys Varsity Tennis

In Williston’s opening week of play, Est won 3 out of his 4 matches earning him our team’s Player of the Week honor. Est is a backboard on the tennis court, the kind of player who will never beat himself. His consistency and mental fortitude mean that each opponent he faces must be ready for a 2-hour grind if they have any hope to crack his game. His wins were pivotal this week in securing Williston a 2-0 record to begin the season. In practice, Est is the kind of teammate who leads by example, whether it is executing a drill, picking up balls or arriving 10 minutes early. The team looks forward to Est’s continued leadership by example and stellar play!

Blue Meyerson ‘26 – Girls JV Tennis

Blue had an incredible two matches against Suffield this past Saturday winning doubles with partner Ava Medaugh (8-2) and playing an impressive singles game (7-8). Blue is a passionate player who always works hard, never gives up, and wants to improve her skills. She has a terrific serve that always serves her well! She is an invaluable member of the team! The JV girls team looks forward to her continued leadership and fine play as they take on their future opponents.

Keshav Ambadi ‘26 – Boys JV Tennis

Keshav churned out one of two tiebreaker victories for the JV boy’s tennis team on Wednesday. The opening matches of the season were played in bitter cold yet Keshav displayed a quiet resolve throughout each match. He withstood his opponent’s withering first serve and jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead that proved insurmountable in the 10-point deciding break. This tenacity is a solid foundation upon which to build as he continues to play a big role for the JV team.

Evie Paasch ‘27 – JV Softball

Evie has stepped up on JV softball this spring to play catcher, a critical position! Her positive attitude and “can-do” spirit provide a great example of a “team-first” mentality. Evie joyfully dons the catcher’s gear and gets to work, blocking errant pitches and throwing down to second. Her coaches look forward to her contributions in our opening game this coming week.

Bobby Colenback ‘27 – Thirds Ultimate

Bobby is off to a great start this season for thirds boys ultimate! He is very reliable both in practice and during games. His coach and teammates appreciate all his enthusiastic efforts. This past week, Bobby worked the field well during their 2 games throwing for over 12 points to multiple teammates! Thirds Ultimate looks forward to Bobby’s continued leadership and playmaking ability.

Sergio Ramirez Argueta ‘23 – Boys JV Lacrosse

Sergio is a newcomer to lacrosse this spring. He stepped up on day one filling a need by volunteering to be the team’s goalie. While he is an experienced soccer goalie, play goal in lacrosse is very different. To no one’s surprise, Sergio played terrific in net in his first ever lacrosse game. He has been a vocal leader on the field and made a couple great saves in the final seconds to secure their season opening 5-4 win over the Fredrick Gunn School.