Athletes of the Week

Louisa Coughlin ‘23- Varsity Girls Squash

Louisa has been the foundation of the girls varsity squash team this season. As team captain, she leads by both word and deed. When she speaks, the team listens. Not just because what she has to say is worth listening to but also because she has earned the trust of everyone on the team throughout the season. Louisa is also an excellent listener, eager to learn about squash and eager to implement what she just learned immediately to improve her game. On the court, Louisa is a master of the deceptive shot. She frequently makes her opponent think she is going to hit the ball one way before blasting it off in a completely unexpected direction for a winner. Her beautiful serves also start each rally with her opponent forced into the back corner and at an immediate disadvantage in the ensuing rally if she doesn’t win the point outright. A large part of the positive experience of everyone on the team this year has been due to Louisa’s team first attitude. The season would have been much less successful without her, and her coach appreciates all she has dedicated to the program over the years.

Brayden Deschamps ’23- Boys Varsity Hockey

Brayden has been an important cog in the wheel of success for boys varsity hockey this season. He scored two of his biggest goals of the season this past Friday in a 6-5 OT win over rival Deerfield Academy. Brayden netted the OT winner to propel the Wildcats to victory and keep playoff hopes alive. He has played an important role throughout the season being called on in penalty kill situations and elevating his game as the season has progressed. Brayden has worked hard to improve, and his work has left an indelible mark on his team. The Cats will continue to rely on Brayden for his skillset and leadership through example as they work through the rest of the season.

Margaret Edward ‘25- Girls Varsity Basketball

Margaret has been an integral part of the girls varsity basketball team’s success this season. In the last 5 games Margaret has averaged double-digit scoring, including a 14-point first-half performance against Pomfret. In addition to her scoring ability, she proves her toughness and never quit mentality by being one of the team’s top rebounders this season. Margaret works hard every day on and off the court to make herself and her teammates better. By doing so she has set a positive example for her teammates. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Margaret as they finish the season and look forward to her continued growth and efforts in seasons to come.

Emily Crovo ’23- Girls Varsity Hockey

Emily, a four-year player and team captain for the girls varsity hockey team, continues to be a force every time she steps on the ice for a practice or game. She leads by her relentless work ethic and drive to be her best every day. While Emily has been a consistent and valuable contributor all season long, this past week she had two goals and an assist in the Cat’s win over NMH, then two assists in the tie against Loomis this past weekend. Emily is relied on in all situations on the ice and is a true 200 foot player. Her teammates and coaches appreciate her positive energy and her ability to balance having fun and being serious. The Wildcats look forward to her contributions as they head into the final stretch of the season.

Noah Comrie ‘27-Boys JV Squash

Noah has had a great season for the boys JV squash team. This past week, he was the only player to win his match against a strong Pomfret squad, 3-1. This was a challenging match that tested his physical and mental skills in addition to his toughness and can-do attitude. In this match, he consistently hit drives towards the back of the court forcing his opponent to get the ball out of the back corner. Noah alternated forehands and backhands always returning to the “T” position. When he found it convenient, he executed drop shots that caught his opponent by surprise. By doing all of this, he proved his immense improvement throughout the season. Noah worked hard in the match and took a well-deserved win against a difficult opponent. The Wildcats look forward to his continued leadership through example and improvements as they finish the season.

Danny Bussard ‘26-Boys JV Hockey

Danny has played an important role on the boys JV hockey team this season. In a versatile role, Danny has been called upon to play regularly in many different situations. With a persistent work ethic and competitive edge, Danny gives his all at every practice and game. He was recently promoted to the first line and responded by scoring 2 goals this past week in the team’s 5-4 win against the Springfield Jr. Pics. Additionally, in the last 4 games, Danny has scored 3 goals and an 1 assist, leading the team on its most productive offensive stretch thus far. The coaching staff is excited about Danny’s improvement and his additional responsibilities and look forward to his continued growth on the ice.

Jackson Miller ‘25– Boys Thirds Basketball

Jackson has been a stalwart for thirds boys basketball this winter. Thanks to his hard work and natural athleticism, he has demonstrated notable improvement all winter. His strength and speed make him arguably the strongest defensive player on the team. Offensively, he has improved his shot making as demonstrated by an early three he hit in the Cats’ recent game at Winchendon.  Additionally, Jackson is a great team player who brings a positive “team first” attitude to each practice and game. His teammates and coaches will look to Jackson to continue his fine play as they finish their season this coming week.

Kiko Xu ‘23-Girls JV Basketball

Kiko, a returning senior on the team, is admired by all her teammates for her efforts and attitude this season. Kiko consistently shows up and is ready to play lockdown defense. Her team can rely on her to match up against the opponent’s toughest players and not allow them the opportunity to score. When she’s not on the floor, she is making funny jokes on the sideline to keep up the team morale or cheering on her teammates. Her positivity has been infectious for her teammates. Kiko’s passion for the sport and for her team has grown over the years and she has shared that she will miss playing basketball and everything that comes with competing in an organized sport, from the fun team bonding to the sprinting during practice. Due to her lovable personality her teammates and coaches will certainly miss Kiko’s contributions next year!

Jack Mettey ’25 –  Boys JV Basketball

Jack has been a consistent contributor all season, and he is one of the key reasons the boys JV basketball team has been so successful this year. He is a smart player, and as one of the team’s primary ball handlers, he rarely turns the ball over. He is a good shooter too, but even when his shots are not falling, he helps the team through his good decision making and excellent defense. This past week Jack was a key to some great team defensive efforts that held Loomis Chaffee and Suffield Academy to 38 and 42 points respectively. Against Suffield Academy he kept their top scorer in check for large parts of the game. He also came up with some big offensive rebounds to keep possessions alive. The coaches greatly appreciate his many contributions to the team this season.

Audree Edmunds ‘25-Girls JV Hockey

In only her second season of hockey, Audree has established herself as a key player with the defensive unit. Rolling with mainly 3 defensive players all season, Audree has stepped up to the challenge! She is a fierce competitor that is consistently putting forth her best effort. Shifts can get long with only 3 players on defense, yet she is always attacking the puck and forcing plays to happen with her relentless effort. Audree has a positive vocal presence in the locker room, on the bench, and on the ice. She leads the team cheers and consistently supports her teammates. Her teammates and coaches are looking forward to Audree continuing her role as a defensive powerhouse and team leader as they head into the last week of the season.