Athletes of the Week

Mia Grady ‘23 – Girls Varsity Squash

Mia has had a strong season for the Wildcats, and this continued recently as she had a great match against Deerfield just before long weekend. She fought hard against her first opponent and then gamely agreed to play again so that everyone on the Deerfield team could get a match in, proving her love of the game and desire to improve. Even after playing that first game she came out on top vs. her second opponent without dropping a game. This day really showcased Mia’s can-do attitude and her willingness to support others. Mia followed that up last Saturday by playing up a slot on the ladder without a moment’s hesitation or reluctance. During that match Mia showed a great ability to adapt her strategy on the fly and listen to advice in between games. She is always excited for the success of others and her positivity is infectious. Mia works hard each day to improve her game at practice and her work has provided an excellent example for her teammates. The consummate teammate, Mia always takes her role as courtside observer seriously when it is her turn to mark and referee. She is always full of kind words, encouragement, and keen strategic advice for her teammate in that situation. Mia has had a wonderful season and looks to finish strong in these final weeks.

Christopher Doubleday ‘25-Boys Swimming and Diving

Christopher has been an integral part of the boys swimming and diving team this season. He represents everything a coach is looking for in an athlete.  He comes to practice with a great attitude and approaches each meet with his team first and foremost in his mind.  Christopher has dropped significant time this season and has been an integral part of the team’s success this winter.  Christopher is set up for a great end to the season and the Wildcats look forward to his continued contributions this season and for seasons to come.

Lucy Hoyt ‘25-Girls Swimming and Diving

Lucy continues to lead the girls swimming & diving team in practice, on pool deck, and in the locker room this season.  She is a relentlessly positive member of the team who will do whatever is needed for the group to succeed. Lucy spends most of her time swimming distance events but has proven herself to be a versatile swimmer who can be called upon to do most any event. She is one of the hardest workers in and out of the pool and this work has paid huge dividends for not only herself, but for the team. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Lucy for her positivity and leadership through example as they head into the final weeks of the season.

Riley Van Son ’23- Boys Varsity Hockey

Riley has been a key contributor to the boys varsity hockey team’s success this season. These efforts continued this past week as he netted 2 goals in the home and home series against Millbrook. Riley plays a large role on the power play as a net-front presence and plays physically in all aspects of the game. On top of this, Riley is a positive presence on the bench and in the locker room, exhibiting leadership all season long. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Riley for his leadership presence and strong play as they work through the remainder of the season.

Liv Ferebee ’25- Girls Varsity Hockey

Liv has had a terrific sophomore year in the net for girls varsity hockey. She has shown maturity and confidence this year, which has allowed her to be successful in this key role. Liv is one of the fittest players on the team, which has contributed to her play. This past week Liv made 17 saves in the win against Westminster on Thursday. On Saturday, she made several key saves in the third period when the team was on the penalty kill.  Liv stood tall, earned a shutout and made 21 saves in a thrilling win over Andover. Her team looks forward to Liv’s contributions as the team prepares for the upcoming postseason.

Anna Sawyer ’24-Girls Varsity Basketball

As an 11th grade captain, Anna Sawyer has been a tremendous leader on and off the court all season for the girls varsity basketball team. She is a tremendous competitor who sets the tone for the Wildcats defensively, often matching up against the opponent’s best scorer. Additionally, her tenacity and toughness around the rim have turned her into one of the team’s top rebounders.  Anna works incredibly hard, day in and day out to improve and by doing so has set a positive example for her teammates. The Wildcats will continue to look to Anna for her leadership and court presence as they work through the final stretch of the season.

Nicholas Leigh ’27- Boys 4ths Basketball

Nicholas had a breakout game in Saturday’s road contest against WMA. Against a much bigger WMA squad, Nicholas showed grit and determination adding 4 points along with key rebounds down the stretch to lift inspire the team’s comeback run. Despite team falling short of a victory, Nicholas displayed a never quit attitude that provided a strong example for each of his teammates. His coach and teammates will continue to look to Nicolas’ strong play and leadership through example as they round out the season.

Paul Wang ‘25-Boys JV Squash

Paul has had a great season for the boys JV squash team. He answered his teams call by stepping into the number 1 spot on the ladder last week and did an outstanding job. He won his match against Suffield because of his strong positioning dominating the “T”. The improvement in his play was evident as he was consistent at hitting with depth off the back wall. He combined those shots with drop shots playing a very tactically clever game. Paul stepped up and took on the leadership of the team representing Williston with class and dignity. His coach and teammates couldn’t be prouder of his efforts and truly appreciate his team first mentality and growth mindset!

Scarlette Graybill ‘26-Girls JV Hockey

Scarlette has blossomed as a hockey player this season competing for the girls JV team. She has a natural athletic ability but needed to put that all together with skates on! As the season has progressed, Scarlette’s skating has improved tremendously giving her the confidence to transfer her competitiveness to the ice. She is aggressive on the puck, has great puck-handling skills, makes smart decisions, and most importantly, is a supportive teammate. Saturday against Cushing, she put this all on display and netted 3 goals, a hat trick, in an 8-0 win! Her coaches look forward to Scarlette’s continued growth as a player and teammate in the final weeks of the season.

Ken Machida ‘25- Boys Thirds Basketball

Ken has demonstrated steady improvement all winter as a member of the thirds boys basketball team. This past Saturday, he played his finest game excelling on the defensive end of the court.  Ken’s commitment to improvement shined in this game against thirds rival Rectory.  As the hub of our defense, he demonstrated excellent “on the ball” defensive pressure as well as “help defense” when his teammates needed it.  His excellent play led a terrific team defensive effort holding Rectory to 17 points.  The team will look to Ken for continued improvement and strong play as they finish their season!

Maya Green ‘26-Girls JV Basketball

Maya has been an important contributor to the success of the girls JV basketball season. Her positive attitude is always evident as she’s on the sideline cheering on her team, dancing on the court before the ref hands her the ball or yelling as she’s taking the ball down for a fast break. She almost always has a smile on her face! Maya Green in the quintessential teammate, able to connect with everyone on the team. This past week Maya scored her first basket of the season while on the road at Pomfret. The entire team was on their feet cheering her on, so excited to celebrate her success. Her teammates and coaches feel lucky to have Maya as a returning member of our JV basketball squad!

Shane Bussard ‘25- Boys JV Hockey

Shane has had a great season for the boys JV hockey team after not having played organized hockey for a while. In his first season back on the ice, his skills have improved steadily due to his hard work and athleticism. Shane has become an integral part of the team as a forward. He gives one hundred percent every shift and is both a solid offensive player and a strong and physical defensive player. Shane’s versatility makes him an asset who can play on any line and make it better. In addition, Shane always conducts himself with a high level of sportsmanship in both practices and games. Shane’s contributions will undoubtedly factor prominently into the success of the team in the final stretch of the season.

Omar Santoyo ’25- Boys JV Basketball

Omar has been an important piece to the success of the boys JV basketball team this season. Omar is an excellent shooter from behind the three-point line. He currently leads the team with a 50% three-point shooting percentage. This past Saturday against the Marianapolis Preparatory School, he kept the Wildcats offense going in route to shooting 4-for-6 from behind the arc. Omar is more than a shooter, though as he has an uncanny ability to get to the basket and distribute the ball to his teammates for easy scores. Last Wednesday against Choate Rosemary Hall, Omar displayed that he could get the job done on the defensive end as well, as he had several steals to lead the Wildcats defense. The coaches are excited to see Omar’s emergence as an all-around player as they move through the rest of the season.