Athletes of the Week

Cooper Conlin ’23- Boys Varsity Hockey

The Lexington, MA native has been a stalwart on the Williston blue line all year and with every week has improved his game. He leads the team in blocked shots with over seventy and has made a commitment to working hard every day to help not only himself, but his teammates get better. Coupled with this is a positive attitude that has supported his teammates throughout the season. Cooper’s team first mentality, work ethic and positive attitude will be relied upon as the team heads into this final week of the season.

Jules Constantinople ’22- Girls Varsity Hockey

Jules has been an important cog in the wheel of success for the girls varsity hockey team this season. Her strong play continued this week as she had the game winning goal in the Wildcats 4-1 victory over Andover, added an assist in the 6-0 win over NMH and, to cap it off, then scored the game winner against Loomis. A stellar week of performances proved her ever improving skill on the ice. She has a bomb for a slap shot and she’s done a great job of keeping it on net, which has helped generate a lot of offense for the Wildcats. She brings great energy to the ice and she’s a fierce competitor. Jules has been a leader on and off the ice for the team this year. Her teammates and coaches look forward to her continued contributions this winter.

Jackson Frechette ’22- Boys Varsity Squash

Jackson has served as an inspirational, integral, and exemplary member of the boys varsity squash team since day one of the season. As team captain, Jackson models commitment to the sport through his words backed by actions and excellence by maintaining the number one ladder position throughout the season. Jackson prioritizes and promotes team spirit and unity by reminding his teammates to arrive to practice early and therefore on time, encouraging one another in practice and matches, and to not act in one’s self-interest rather in what best serves and advances the team as a whole. Jackson has made a lasting impression on his teammates that will endure after he graduates later this year.

Harini Murugan ’22- Girls Varsity Squash

Harini has enjoyed a terrific stretch of outstanding squash for the girls varsity squash team. In the NEPSAC championships, she fell behind zero games to two and then rallied back to win three straight. Most recently against Pomfret, Harini lost a tough first game 10 – 12, then rebounded to win 11 – 3, 11 – 6 and 11 – 7.  Harini impresses her team with her outstanding shot selection and execution, but this week she elevated her game by playing with more energy than ever before. Harini ran down balls and made great counter shots to propel herself to good squash wins. Her coach contributes this all to Harini’s enthusiastic embrace of the training sessions off the court. No one enjoys running the stairs more than Harini. Her skill, fitness, and dedication enable Harini to earn many hard-earned points on the court.

Connor Nizolek ’24– Boys Thirds Basketball

Connor has made dramatic progress this winter as an inside presence on the thirds boys basketball team. Connor comes to practice each day with an enthusiasm to improve, a positive attitude and a commitment to being a great teammate. This past Wednesday, he had a breakout game up at Eaglebrook finishing with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Defensively, his improvement has been notable as he has improved his “help” defense while developing into an excellent rebounder.  The team looks forward to his continued contributions as it finishes its season this coming week.

Audree Edmunds ’25- Girls JV Hockey

Over the course of the girls JV hockey season, Audree has grown into a key member of the team. In the middle of the season, she was asked to move back to defense, proving her team first mentality. Audree is in her first season as a hockey player and she made the transition back to defense with a smile on her face and determination, now becoming a mainstay on the defensive end. She always gives 100% and her effort is infectious. Audree can also be seen cheering her teammates on and bringing a level of enthusiasm that always lifts the team’s spirits. We will look for Audree to continue to bring her strong work ethic and positive energy as the Wildcats close out the season this week.

Matthew Bukzin ‘24 – Boys JV Squash

Matthew really blossomed during the penultimate week of the boys JV squash season. He had a standout match this past Wednesday against a tough Pomfret opponent, playing up three ladder positions. He came out on top in the first game 12-10 before barely losing the second game 9-11. He then traded the next two games with his opponent before digging deep into his reserves of endurance and coming out on top in the final game 11-7. Matthew also won his ladder challenge match this week by focusing on placing his shots and beating back his opponent’s powerful serves. Matthew is a team first competitor who focuses hard on improving his squash every practice. He has contributed a great deal to the success of the team this season.

Vivian Walker ‘25- Girls JV Basketball

Vivian has been a critical piece to the girls JV basketball team this season. She gives every practice and game a hundred percent of her effort, providing leadership through example to her teammates. Her hard work each day has paid dividends as she has developed into a versatile and consistent player for the Wildcats, demonstrating both strong defensive and offensive skills. Vivian’s coaches and teammates appreciate her work ethic, leadership, and upbeat attitude and they will continue to rely on this as they head through the final week of the season.

Reece Berrien ‘27- Boys Fourths Basketball

Reece has had a great season for 4ths basketball. He is a floor general who leads the offense and gets his teammates involved, which has provided his teammates with an example of what a team first mentality looks like. On Wednesday, against Eaglebrook, Reece scored 8 points, while forcing many turnovers to help the Wildcats make a late game push. The team will continue to look to Reece’s leadership and positive attitude as they finish the season.

Jeremy Dube ‘24- Boys JV Hockey

Jeremy is a talented and dedicated hockey player who has been a big part of the boys JV hockey team’s success this season. He works incredibly hard in practice to improve his game, and his work ethic has provided a strong example for his teammates. He is a versatile defenseman who defends exceptionally well, but also contributes to our offense through his great skating, puck-handling, and shooting abilities. He is one of those key players who has allowed the JV team to be competitive against some very strong opponents. In addition, Jeremy practices great sportsmanship in his interactions with coaches, his teammates, referees, and with the opposing teams. He consistently supports his teammates with compassion and encouragement. His coaches report that it has been a pleasure coaching Jeremy, and they look forward to his continued growth in seasons to come.

Adrian Paez ‘27– Boys Thirds Squash

Adrian has had a great season for the thirds squash team. He played a tough match against Bement on Wednesday. In a well-paired 3-2 match, it looked as though Adrian was going to lose to his opponent after two losses in the second and third game. Because of his perseverance and drive, Adrian won the match with a close (12-10) final game victory! Adrian’s speed, endurance, and ball control on the court is improving with each match. This recent demonstration of his skill proves his investment in the sport and has left an impact on his team.