Athletes of the Week

Amya James ’23- Varsity Volleyball

Since entering the starting lineup in the third game of the season, Amya has flourished for the varsity volleyball team. She wears her emotions on her sleeves and her fiery presence has grown as the games have stacked up. She is one half of a new set of middle hitters that anchors the Wildcats suddenly formidable blocking presence. Fronting the defensive side of the court expands the ability of the team to hang with even the most offensively minded opponents. As each week passes, Amya’s hitting abilities have improved and this is impacting the team’s success.  She came up with a huge kill in the pivotal third game versus rival Suffield this past weekend. Her play was a big part of the team picking up the huge win against their rival. The future is bright for Amaya as her more well-rounded play will continue to impact the team’s success.

Connor Queenin ‘23- Boys Cross Country

Connor has consistently been one of the Wildcats’ top cross-country runners this season. His investment in not only his own success, but also the team’s success has been fantastic throughout the fall. Although Connor has needed to take time off from racing the past couple weeks, his spirit has remained high, and he has done a great job encouraging and pushing his teammates. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Connor for his leadership as a positive role model as they head into their final pair of races this season.

Emma Merrill ‘22- Girls Varsity Soccer

Emma has been a huge part of the girls varsity soccer teams success this season. A key defender for the Wildcats, she plays with speed, skill, determination, and athleticism. She makes it very difficult for the opposing team to get any rhythm on attack, constantly breaking up key plays and frustrating opposing attackers. Emma is a team first player who always puts the needs of the team first. She is a tireless worker, a relentless competitor, and an extremely coachable athlete and because of this she has led by example all season. Her coaches and teammates will look to her down the stretch to continue to provide great performances and positive leadership. The Wildcats will need her to keep bringing out the best in all her teammates.

Jean-Philippe Giguere ’22- Varsity Football

JP has been a staple in the varsity football team’s defense all season. He had another amazing game for the Wildcats in their 21-13 win over rival Suffield Academy on Saturday night. JP recorded 6 tackles, one of which was for a loss and had a pass break up. Most importantly, JP continues to be a leader for the Wildcats, making many of the defensive calls ensuring that the team is lined up properly. JP brings a fierce work ethic with him to every practice and game, and this has helped to raise the level of play for all his teammates. His coaches and teammates will continue to rely on his leadership and fantastic play as they head into the final week of their season.

Jules Constantinople ‘22– Varsity Field Hockey

Jules has been a vital piece to the success of the varsity field hockey team this season, as what she brings to the squad every day is invaluable. Her energy, competitiveness, grit and field sense are second to none.  Her willingness to learn new skills and ability to always think of the team first is both refreshing and impressive. Jules plays left back, a role that typically doesn’t garner a lot of attention, but what Jules does from that position is critical to the fantastic season the group has put together.  Her coaches are so thankful that Jules chose field hockey when she came to Williston and can’t imagine this team without her. The Wildcats will need Jules to continue to be at her best as they work through the final stretch of the season.

Benning Johnson ’22 – Varsity Water Polo

Benning has had a great season for the varsity water polo team. He was a major factor in the teams’ games this past week with staunch defense and timely passing. Benning has been relied on to play most of each game this week as the team has been dealing with a shorter bench. His leadership both in and out of the pool adds stability to the team and Benning is an ideal role model for the Wildcats, with positive encouragement and an intense competitive nature. The team will continue to rely on Benning for his strong play and critical leadership as it approaches the NEPSAC tournament.

Lily Dardano ’22- JV Field Hockey

Lily has been a force for the JV field hockey team this season. She brings her passion for the game to every practice, always encouraging her teammates to do their very best. She leads by example in games as well; from her spot as center midfielder, she feeds the ball to the forward line and often scores a goal or two herself! In the teams’ recent hard-fought tie against Suffield Academy, Lily played a great game, using her speed and determination to give her team multiple opportunities to score and hustling back to defend our circle. She’s the ideal captain for the team, and her coaches and teammates are looking forward to more great leadership from her as the season winds down.

Jeff Warner ’24- Boys JVA Soccer

Jeff has been a tremendous performer all season for boys JVA soccer, and earned his first hat trick of the season this past weekend in a 4-1 win against rival Suffield Academy. He terrorizes most defenses we face, never lets up in practice or games, and thus is a model of the kind of intensity and commitment any coach wants to see in a player. He is always seeking advice to improve as well, providing a positive example to all of his teammates by doing so. The Wildcats already successful season owes as much to him as any player on the team. Jeff’s coaches and teammates appreciate all he has contributed, and they will continue to relay on him as they move through the final stretch of the season.

Olivia Zaiken ‘27 -Girls JV Soccer

Olivia has played an integral role on the girls JV soccer team this season. Playing center back, Olivia is reliable and trustworthy on the backline as she consistently comes up with key stops when the team needs it. Her athleticism is not only limited to defensive plays however, as she often helps to setup Wildcat midfielders and forwards in the offensive third by swiftly and skillfully carrying the ball through the field from the defensive end. Her speed, grit, and relentless playing style help her standout from the other athletes on the field, and her team will continue to look to her to make key plays as they continue the season.

Logan Cherewatti ’24- Boys JVB soccer

Logan has had a great season for the boys JVB soccer team. As one of the goalies that has been playing most of the games this season, he has been an important part of the team’s success this year. Last Saturday, he stopped a penalty kick late in the first half when the score was still 1-0, providing a huge momentum shift for the Wildcats. Logan’s performance was a big part of the 3-0 victory against rival Suffield in a very rainy game. He is very enthusiastic about soccer and brings a good level of energy during practices and games. Logan has improved tremendously since the beginning of the season and has grown into a very solid and secure goalkeeper. The team will continue to rely on Logan as they move through the final stretch of the season.

Avery Blumberg ‘27 -Riding

Avery has had a great season in the riding ring. She is showing at the top level for middle school at competitions and showed her teammates and coaches her grit this past weekend as she helped in securing a solid win for the team. She competed exceptionally well against 8 other teams from the Zone, a testament to her skill and competitiveness. Her teammates and coaches appreciate all of her growth this season and will look to her as they finish the back half of the season.

Dan McBride ’25 -JV Football

Dan played an outstanding game on both sides of the ball against Suffield Academy this past weekend. As an offensive lineman, Dan made critical blocks that opened up holes for Williston ball carriers.  On defense, Dan made several tackles from his defensive lineman position. The coaches appreciate the great work ethic that Dan brings to every practice and have been very impressed with the progress he has made since the start of the season. Dan has a tremendous future in front of him in the Wildcat football program.

Annika Song ’25- JV Volleyball

Annika has had a great season for the girls JV volleyball team. So much so, she was recently voted captain by her peers. She has earned this distinction by being the most consistent player on the court all season. Whether in practice or games, Annika always gives her all. As one of the more experienced players she also helps her less experienced teammates whenever possible, proving her team-first mentality. She stands out even more for her hustle and positive attitude during challenging games and in other times like post-practice cleanup. Annika has been the number one server all year and has put the needs of the team first by trying new positions whenever the coaches have asked her to.  Annika is a true leader by example and her teammates will continue to look to her for this leadership as they finish out the season.