Athletes of the Week

Praghya Raja Athavan ‘22 – Girls Varsity Volleyball

Praghya has been a crucial part of the girls varsity volleyball team’s success this season. As a captain, she leads the team on multiple levels. Her all-around court hustle and vocal presence elevate her teammates in practice and games, playing a major factor in the team’s successful start. Her introspection and willingness to seek out ways to be a better player and better leader hones her play and interpersonal skills day in and day out. As the starting setter, Praghya’s impact in the service game, back row defense, and offensive distribution serve as the foundation for the team. As a senior, her joy and focus set an example of what the next generation of Williston volleyball players can aspire to be. As a genuine, caring human being, Praghya makes the days, especially the more difficult ones, seem brighter, helping to raise the positivity of everyone on the floor.

Getchell Gibbons ’23- Boys Varsity Water polo

Getchell has been instrumental in the varsity water polo’s strong start this season. Leading the defense as the goalkeeper he has shown a talent for making the big save even though it is only his first year competing at the position! Over the weekend his 6 saves and 7 steals helped significantly in a big victory at Andover. He leads by example as he consistently brings a positive, hard-working attitude to every practice and dryland training session. Getchell’s will to improve day in and day out has and will continue to play an important role as the team moves through the remainder of the season.

Maeve Reynolds ’22- Varsity Field Hockey

Maeve has been a vital cog in the wheel for the varsity field hockey team this season. As one of the senior captains this year she can be seen leading the team every day by example.  She is an incredibly hard worker, inspiring and helping others with each drill.  In addition to her leadership through example, she is also the team’s leading scorer. This past week she notched 3 goals against Kingswood-Oxford, had an assist against Hotchkiss, and added 4 more goals against Millbrook! This outstanding week has been par for the course for Maeve and is a big part of the Wildcats’ strong team play this season. Her teammates and coaches will continue to rely on Maeve for her leadership and inspiring play as they move through the rest of their challenging season.

Aaron Gonzalez ’22- Boys Varsity Soccer

Senior captain Aaron Gonzalez has been a vital part of the boys varsity soccer team’s success during September. The center midfielder’s attacking play helped the Wildcats to wins over Pomfret and South Kent last week. The Madrid native scored two critical goals to secure both victories. His penalty kick goal was a critical breakthrough against Pomfret’s stingy defense, and his shot from the top of the box that found the net gave the Wildcats some breathing space against powerhouse South Kent. Aaron’s leadership has helped forge a cohesive unit off of the field as well. The team is peaking at the right time of the season thanks to Aaron. The boys are going to have to continue their strong performances this week, and for the remainder of the season, as the team will face tough competition throughout.

Caroline Hodges ‘22 – Girls Varsity Soccer

Caroline has had a great season for the girls varsity soccer team this fall. Her strong play continued this week as she came up with a huge goal to secure the 1-0 win over WMA on Saturday, under the lights.  A tireless worker, she has played huge minutes for the Wildcats in the midfield this season and has been a big part of the team’s success. She is gifted on the ball, a great passer, dangerous on the attack, and has become one of the team’s strongest defenders. She is a leader on the field and works hard every day to be the best she can be for the team, proving her team-first mentality. Her team will continue to rely on her strengths as they navigate their challenging schedule. Caroline and her tireless, team-first effort are an inspiration to all her teammates!

Drew Renzella ’23- Varsity Football

Drew has proven to be a very important part of the success of the varsity football team this season. From the quarterback position, he had a breakout game this past Saturday night leading the team to a 36-14 win over Hotchkiss.  He finished 19-28 (68% completion percentage!) for 252 yards. Additionally, he threw 4 TD passes and ran for another. Drew brings a positive attitude and a willingness to improve to each practice, lift, and film session which has had a direct impact on the overall team environment. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Drew to be at his best as they move through the remainder of their challenging schedule.

Sarah Martini ’26- Girls Cross Country

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On Saturday, at the Richard Miller Invitational, 8th grader Sarah Martini broke into the team’s top five for the first time, running a personal best 5K on a very hilly course at Westminster School.  Sarah ran in the JV race and earned an individual award by placing 5th out of 45 runners, and her time of 26:30 was faster than two Williston runners in the varsity race.  Sarah continues to bring energy and enthusiasm to every practice, and because of this, she is improving dramatically each week at races.  Sarah started the season at #14 on the team, leaped to #11 in week 2, and in the third race placed #5. This kind of weekly improvement makes any varsity team better, and her coaches predict that Sarah will become a bigger and bigger part of our success as the season continues.

Cannon Carr ‘25- Boys Cross Country

Cannon has made great strides since the beginning of the season for the boys cross country team. He shows up each day ready to work out with a positive attitude. Cannon’s hard work paid off this past weekend where he ran a 3-minute personal best at the Richard Miller Invitational. Cannon leads by example and proves to his teammates that hard work pays off. Cannon’s teammates and coaches look forward to watching his continued growth this season.

Riley McDonald ‘25-JV Football

Riley has been steadily improving from his quarterback position all season for the JV football team. On Saturday, he played a tremendous game against a tough opponent from Eaglebrook School.  He used his athleticism numerous times to scramble away from the defensive pressure to find the open receiver downfield for a pass or to tuck the ball and run. Riley had two touchdown passes in the game and was instrumental in leading the offense throughout the entire game. Reilly brings an upbeat and team-first mentality to practice every day, and it has helped to keep the Wildcats improving while simultaneously keeping the joy of the game alive in each of his teammates. Riley will continue to be an important part of the team’s success this season.

Kat Livingston ‘22- JV Field Hockey

Kat has stepped up in her new position as the JV field hockey goalie this season. She is a naturally skilled goalie with excellent clearing skills. In the team’s recent game against Bement, she faced several difficult 1 v 1s and showed great defensive judgment and a positive, competitive spirit. After only a few weeks of practice, she can clear the ball out of the circle with ease. She has provided a great example for her teammates every day as she comes ready to work and improve, all the while bringing a positive attitude that is palpable. Her teammates and coaches are looking forward to seeing all she will accomplish this season!

Jack Ballinger ’24- Boys JVB Soccer

Jack has shown good skills and abilities on the field this season for the boys JVB soccer program. From his position at forward, he dominated the opponent’s defense last week in both contests for the Wildcats.  He scored one goal on Wednesday and added two more on Saturday against talented teams from Salisbury and Suffield. The way he approaches each game day has raised the level of intensity and aggressiveness to the Boys JVB attack. He also works well during practice and gets everybody involved during the drills and scrimmages, helping to improve the skill set of each of his teammates. Jack brings a great attitude with him each day and his smile has been contagious.

Soph DiTerlizzi ’25- Riding

Soph has been instrumental in the growth of the Williston riding team this season. As the only Williston equestrian to compete on our Interscholastic A Equestrian Association Dressage team, she received a third-place ribbon helping to secure the team’s win in their first competition. As the Dressage Team Captain, she has done a great job supporting her teammates and her coach during the show as well as leading up to it. Soph has led by example all season long and her impact has been felt time and time again.

Daniel Power ‘22- Boys JVA Soccer

Daniel has had an impressive start to the season for the Boys JVA soccer program. He scored his third goal of the season in the Wildcats’ lone game this weekend, which was the opening goal in the squad’s 2-1 victory over Pomfret. His improvement since his early days in JVA has been tremendous, and he has been one of the most vocal leaders in the group, providing strong leadership for his team. The combination of this as well as his aggressive determined offensive play has made him a crucial part of the team’s success.  More recently, he has been posing a threat on set plays as well. Daniel has been a pleasure to coach and his teammates and coaches look forward to his continued growth on the pitch.

Alina Sorkin-Camacho ‘24 – Girls JV Volleyball

Alina has played an important role in the girls JV volleyball team so far this year. She is one of those rare athletes whose presence on the court immediately makes everyone around her play better. She is relentlessly positive both on the court and on the bench. Her training is constantly focused on improving and she puts in the extra mile by watching varsity practice and thinking about what she has observed there to make her play better. This has resulted in a rapid improvement from the service line. This past week she served 6 aces against Pomfret and Stoneleigh-Burnham and was also instrumental in the attack with the majority of the team’s kills against a tough opponent from Stonleigh-Burnaham. Alina’s coaches predict that she will remain a valuable part of Williston’s offense for the rest of the season.