christina negron athlete of the week

Athletes of the Week (Week of January 29, 2020)


Cristina Negron ’22- Girls Varsity Basketball

Cristina has been a strong contributor to the girls varsity basketball team’s successful season thus far!  Cristina impacts the team’s success with her overall play on both ends of the court. This past Saturday against Hotchkiss, she got the team off to a great start hitting two early threes giving the Cats’ the early confidence they needed on the road.  All told, Cristina hit four threes and had 14 points to go along with her typically strong overall floor game. Cristina’s ballhandling, timely scoring, decision making and overall basketball acumen have made her a valuable contributor to the team’s success.  The team will continue to rely on Cristina’s significant contributions to meet the challenges of the last 10 games of the season.

Finlay MacDonald ’20- Boys Varsity Squash

As the team’s captain, Finlay has been a pillar of strength for the boys varsity squash team this season. As a ladder leader playing out of the 2-spot, Finlay’s combination of technique, athleticism, and power makes him one of the fiercest competitors on the courts. On Saturday, Finlay demonstrated his advanced skill and secured a decisive 3-0 victory against his Canterbury counterpart. As a team leader, he can be seen supporting rising Williston student-athletes. He did so again this week, as he assisted and mentored a JV player getting a call-up to varsity. Finlay’s efforts on and off the court without a doubt helped the player earn a win in his first career varsity match. In a sport so dominated by personal play, Finlay always puts the team first. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Finlay’s focused, composed, team first mentality as they move through the rest of their challenging season.

Jules Constantinople ’22- Girls Varsity Hockey

Jules has been a valuable cog in the wheel that is the girls varsity hockey team. In her second season with the Cats, the veteran defensemen has been making strong contributions to the offense as well.  She chipped in a goal in both of the team’s games this week. On Wednesday, she scored the game winning goal against Southfield on the power play, leading the team to a big 3-2 victory. On Saturday against Kent, she opened the scoring with a beautiful shot from the point to give the Wildcats an early lead. Jules play is hardnosed, physical and she always has a can-do attitude. Her teammates and coaches appreciate her serious work ethic and competitiveness. The team looks forward to her continued contributions this season.

Noah Brooks ’20- Boys JV Hockey

Noah has been a team leader since the first day of the season for the boys JV hockey team. He is a dedicated athlete and a tireless competitor. He has led through his character, talent, and effort, which resulted in his teammates overwhelmingly endorsing him to be named as team captain. Noah’s leadership and effort was on full display in the team’s recent game against Deerfield. Noah scored three goals on that day, helping to keep his team in a tough fought game against the rival. After going down 6-2 by the third period, Noah refused to give up and his determination inspired his teammates to give even more. Unfortunately, the team lost 5-6 in the contest, but the team’s effort and ability to rally in the face of adversity was impressive. Without a doubt, Noah’s leadership and effort was the glue that held the Cats stick together and the spark that lighted the comeback. The team will continue to rely on Noah to lead by example as they move through the second half of the season.

Jerry Landman ’22- Boys Thirds Basketball

Jerry has been a force on the hardwood for the boys thirds basketball team this season. His strong play continued again this week as he helped lead the team to a convincing win over Eaglebrook on Saturday. He composed some strong stats on the day as he had 8 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals in the home contest. Despite his contributions in the scorebook, Jerry’s presence can be most felt through his innate leadership ability. He leads his team by example as he gives consistent effort at practice and supports his teammates with enthusiasm. Additionally, Jerry brings a level of sportsmanship that is unparalleled which has become contagious to his teammates. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Jerry for all his attributes on and off the court for the remainder of the season.

Maggie Fay ’25- Girls JV Basketball

Maggie had a standout defensive performance against a talented Hotchkiss team on Saturday. Though easily the smallest player on the court, she played with the biggest heart and the most hustle. Her efforts allowed her to provide to come up with some key defensive stops helping the team come within 3 points of Hotchkiss for most of the game. Never afraid to hit the floor, Maggie caused many jump balls and turnovers which inevitably fell in the Wildcats’ favor. Her teammates looked to her to keep the intensity high throughout the game and she helped provide a needed spark for her teammates. Her teammates and coaches are excited to watch Maggie continue to grow for the rest of the season.

Christopher Doubleday ‘25- Boys Fourths Basketball

Christopher has shown tremendous improvement this season thus far for the boys fourths basketball team. In Saturday’s game against MacDuffie, his hard work paid off as he scored seven points and made key defensive stops to help the Cats earn the win. Christopher is extremely coachable and always brings a great attitude to every practice and to games. The team and his coaches look forward to watching Christopher’s continued growth throughout the rest of the season!

Aidan Bourbonnais ’20-Girls JV Hockey

Aidan has had a great season for the girls JV hockey team. As one of the co-captains she has been a great role model and leader for the team, which has student-athletes ranging from 7th through 12th grade possessing many different levels of experience. She is committed to making sure the team takes care of each other and always puts the team first.  In the Cats’ most recent game against NMH, she had four assists helping to lead her team to a victory. This was a testament to her team play and desire to see the teammates around her succeed. Aidan is, and will continue to be, an integral part of the Wildcats success this season.

Daniel Ciejek ’23- Thirds Squash

Daniel has had a strong season for the thirds squash team. He has taken to heart the team goal of always working to improve. He listens closely to coaching advice and can be seen actively thinking about his technique during both practice and matches. This week he climbed the ladder after two closely fought challenge matches. His coaches see a lot of potential in him to continue to improve as he focuses on mastering the fundamental squash skills. The team will look toward Daniel for his positive attitude and team first mentality as they traverse through the rest of the season.

Kai Hori ’22- Boys JV Squash

Kai has been an integral member of the boys JV squash team since the start of the season. He exudes sportsmanship by the manner in which he treats his teammates during practice and opponents during matches.  Kai has improved his court technique by diversifying his backhand and forehand return shots. Central to Kai’s progress has been his candid, frequent self-reflection after each match. He recently assisted the varsity squad in a multi-school match at Berkshire where he represented the Wildcats. Kai’s coach praises him for how teachable and responsive he is to feedback and his team looks forward to his continued growth on the courts.