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Athletes of the Week (Week of January 15 2020)


Maddy Cardaci ’20- Girls Varsity Hockey

For the fourth year in a row, Maddy has had a great start to the girls varsity hockey season. Serving as one of the team’s captains, Maddy leads by example but also by her positive voice.  She helped the team to win the Winchendon Tournament for the sixth year in a row at the beginning of break. She is a tremendous defenseman, who plays hard and tough all over the ice.  However, she has also contributed to the team’s offense this season. During the Winchendon tournament, she had a goal in the Cat’s 8-0 win over Cushing. She continued her offensive streak as she had an assist on a goal in the 2-1 win over Lawrence and she added another three assists in the 6-2 championship win over Winchendon. On Saturday at Tabor she played forward, a position foreign to her. Her contributions helped the Cats claw back to make it 2-3 in the final period. The consummate teammate, she proved her team first mentality and her wiliness to make sacrifices to help her team be successful. Maddy’s coaches and teammates will continue to rely on her skills and leadership throughout their tremendously competitive season.

Owen Dietrich ’23- Varsity Wrestling

Owen has been an important member of the varsity wrestling team this season. He brings an incredibly positive attitude to each practice and meet which is infectious for the rest of his teammates. He inspired his teammates through his hard work and determination, competing hard while wrestling much older and more experienced opponents. Owen worked through several tough positions against each of his competitors and showed off several techniques and strategies that the team focused on in practice this week.  As a younger member on the team, Owens demonstration of coachability, determination, and positivity help to provide an excellent example for the rest of his teammates and is what Williston wrestling is all about! His coaches and teammates look forward to his continued growth on the mat this season.

Caroline O’Connor ‘20 – Girls Varsity Basketball

Caroline has been a tremendous addition to the girls varsity basketball team this season. In Saturday’s win over Berkshire, she continued her strong overall play with 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. She was appointed one of the team’s captains because of her great work ethic, ever positive spirit, and love of basketball.  She has averaged over 10 points per game combining her three-point shooting with aggressive drives to the basket that often end up with her on the free throw line.  Caroline’s leadership, experience and team first attitude will be invaluable to the Wildcats success this season.

Jackson Frechette ’22- Boys Varsity Squash

Jackson continues to demonstrate that he is an irreplaceable member of the boys varsity squash team. On the court this past week, Jackson dominated his Trinity-Pawling counterpart with a decisive 3-0 victory. Despite being the youngest member of the squad, Jackson is tied for first on the team with the most wins so far this season. He worked hard all off season to put himself in a position to succeed and this hard work has truly paid dividends. Off the court, Jackson demonstrates time and time again that he is a virtuous student-athlete. Upon request, he happily volunteered to assist thirds squash and used the opportunity to mentor the top five members of the thirds ladder. With two and a half seasons remaining in his promising varsity squash career, Jackson is just beginning to realize his potential. The team will continue to rely on Jackson as they head through their extremely challenging season.

Shoko Ishikawa ’22- Girls JV Basketball

Shoko played a phenomenal all-around game against Berkshire on Saturday for the girls JV basketball team. She was quick and tenacious on defense and registered numerous steals. She was able to convert some of her steals into fast break points, which provided great momentum for the Wildcats. On offense, Shoko found open lanes and used the space to either drive to the basket or pass to open teammates. Additionally, Shoko encouraged teammates while on the bench and provided helpful insights during huddles. The team will continue to look to Shoko for her leadership and excellent athleticism as they move through the season.

Pietro Briguglio ’22- Boys JV Squash

Pietro’s has had a great start to the season for the boys JV squash program. He recently earned the top spot on the team’s ladder after several challenging matches, providing a clear example of his growth mindset and dedication to his team. He leads by example as he arrives on time for practices and matches, and is normally the last one to leave, often asking if he can stay longer to continue to play on the courts. Pietro is incredibly coachable and works hard to put his coaching into practice. He has demonstrated resolve to perfect his court movement, incorporating front-court and rear-court techniques which have helped his game tremendously. He treats his teammates with respect both on and off the courts and encourages them to play their best during their matches. Pietro will be looked to for his steadily improving play and strong leadership as the team moves through their challenging schedule.

Nathan Chang ‘22 – Boys Thirds Squash

Nathan had a great week for the boys thirds squash team. A last-minute addition to the team’s lineup this week, Nathan slid into the number 8 slot on the squads ladder. He refused to let the change in plans affect him as he proceeded to give every ounce of effort on every point. Furthermore, he demonstrated the mental toughness required of the best squash players by maintaining focus when two games continued into overtime. Keeping a level head and a competitive spirit throughout, he was able to hold on for the win in the fourth game of the set, winning the match 3-1. Nathan’s perseverance and growth mindset have set a positive example to everyone on the team.