athlete of the week jordyn meunier '21

Athletes of the Week


David Costello ’20- Boys Varsity Wrestling

David has had an excellent start to his senior campaign for the varsity wrestling team. His strong contributions continued this weekend as he was the only Williston wrestler to record 3 pins on Saturday in the team’s quad match at Eagle Hill. Wrestling at the 182 pound weight class, he has been working extremely hard in practice and because of this, his technique has been improving each day. This work ethic has, without a doubt, paid off on the mat for the wildcats. David has been an awesome addition to the team and has made a big difference for the squad due to his steadily improving skill and by providing an excellent example for his teammates through his intense work ethic. The team will continue to rely on David as they head through their arduous season.

Jordyn Meunier ‘21 – Girls Varsity Basketball

Jordyn has been instrumental in girls varsity basketball’s early 3-0 record.   Last week, the team continued its early season success of winning very close nail biter games over both St. Mark’s and Suffield.  She played a huge role in both games averaging just over 20 points with a season high 25 vs St. Mark’s and 16 vs Suffield.  In the St. Mark’s game, she exhibited her excellent range with five three pointers. In addition to her long-range shooting, she also got to the line 13 times combined in both games, an example of her ability to drive to the hoop and draw contact.  Beyond her offensive play, she has played strong overall floor games on both ends of the court coming up with big steals and helping to provide a steady, calming presence in tight situations.  Jordyn’s outstanding work ethic and “team first” approach will continue to be counted on as the team’s season unfolds!

Billy Whelan ’20- Boys Varsity Basketball

Billy has been a huge part of the boys varsity basketball team’s success so far this season. His consistent level of play continued as he was a critical part of the team’s two wins this past weekend. Billy scored 22 on Saturday against the Masters School and followed that up with a 20 point performance in the double OT victory against WMA. As if this wasn’t enough, the last 3 points he scored came off a buzzer beating, 3 point shot that edged out the class AA opponent, ending the marathon of a game in the Wildcats favor. His performance on Sunday caused him to be named the player of the game for the Pioneer Valley Tip-Off contest. Billy has an unmatched leadership ability and is the ideal teammate, consistently pushing himself and his teammates to be the best that they can be, raising the level of play for the whole team. The team will continue to need Billy’s outstanding play and top notch leadership as they head through the remainder of the season.

Dylan Fulcher-Melendy ’20 – Girls Varsity Squash

Dylan has been an important cog in the wheel for the girls varsity squash team so far this season. She works hard to improve her squash skills and plays with grace and determination. By doing so, she has grown into a fantastic leader for her team. Dylan responds well to coaching and gives her teammates good advice during drills and matches.  In matches against two of the top players in New England, Dylan went 1-1.  In each match she displayed purpose, passion and integrity.  Dylan is highly self-motivated, but maintains perspective.  This allows her to smile at her own successes, but congratulate her opponent’s great shots, too.  She never stops learning and growing as an athlete.  As one of the team’s co-captains, Dylan leads in words and actions. The Wildcats will continue to lean on her for her stellar skills, fantastic leadership and her steadfast sportsmanship as they continue the season.

Ty Johnson ’21- Boys Varsity Squash

Ty has had a great start to the season for the boys squash program. He has shown that he is eager to demonstrate that he is a force to be reckoned with on the courts! With impeccable timing he tracks and strikes plenty of difficult shots, and he also uses his height advantage to lunge and volley when others might give up. Perhaps most impressive is his devastating backhand drive, a stroke that improves daily. Ty consistently provides a positive example for all his teammates as his willingness to push himself has clearly paid dividends. The team looks forward to his continued growth on the courts with his can-do spirit and determination when the team needs it most.

Teaghan Hall ‘22 – Girls Varsity Hockey

Teaghan has had a very strong start to the winter for the Wildcats.  She scored the team’s first goal in the 7-1 win over Cushing on Wednesday and added an assist to cap off the day. Her tenacious and skillful play continued Saturday as she managed to net a shorthanded goal in the team’s 5-0 win over Pomfret. This was accomplished after a strong individual effort resulting in a break away, proving that she is willing to do what it takes to help her team be successful. Teaghan comes to practice every day ready to work.  She battles hard in corners and always comes out with the puck.  She’s super competitive and you can see her drive in her play in practice and games. Teaghan is a terrific teammate as she pushes others to be better and is always positive.  The team and her coaches look forward to her continued contributions on and off the ice this season.

Cam Courtney ‘22 – Boys JV Hockey

Cam had a great start between the pipes for the boys JV hockey team this week. His shot stopping ability was rock solid for the Wildcats in the home opener on Saturday anchoring a 3-1 victory over Loomis Chaffee. Cam stopped 35 of the 36 shots he faced including a breakaway in the opening minutes of the game. The only puck that found its way to the back of the net was a 3 on 1 odd man rush in the third period. His super positive attitude and poise in net provides a confidence boost for the whole team! The Wildcats will continue to look to Cam for his consistent level of play and immense positivity as they move through the season.

Jade Chan ‘20 – Girls JV Hockey

Jade showed up in a big way for the Wildcats this week as she was critical to the team’s success. As the team’s goaltender, she earned a shutout against a strong NMH squad allowing the Cats to pick up a 6-0 win. Not to be outdone, she racked up 38 saves in the team’s 7-3 win over Deerfield on Saturday.  From her perspective in net she offers helpful feedback to the defense. In practice she has been single-handedly training Erin Chai, the team’s backup goalie. She has emerged as a leader for the team, bringing a great work ethic, and a positive attitude to every practice and game. Jade will play a key role for the team this season and her teammates and coaches look forward to her continued good efforts.

Vishal Ramvelu ’21- Boys JV Squash

Vishal had a great season opening match this past weekend for the Wildcats. He competed hard in a riveting five-game match against rival Deerfield on Saturday, ending in a 3-2 win. He maintained control throughout the match by staying on the “T” and observing his opponent’s every court movement. Vishal dominated in the last two games by using decisive drop shots to the front corners of the court unbeknownst to his rival. Two significant strategies that he employed to secure his win was his polished backhand to scoop the ball out of the back corners and to stay positive even when the mid-match score was not in his favor. Vishal demonstrated resolve and endurance to secure the team’s first win with an astonishing 11-3 victory in the fifth game. The team will continue to rely on Vishal as the season progresses!

Margaret Edwards ‘25– Girls JV Basketball

Margaret proved to be a powerhouse forward for the girls JV basketball team, starting in both games played this week. Her hustle and determination under the hoop resulted in double-digits being scored and multiple fouls being drawn for the Wildcats. She sets her teammates up well from the middle and is a rebounding machine on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. Her coaches will be looking to Margaret this season as an integral part of the team dynamic and expect her steady growth to continue.

Calvin Klumpp ’24 – Boys Fourths Basketball

In Saturday’s home opener against Eaglebrook, Calvin led the way with 8 points for the boys fourths basketball squad. In addition to his point scoring ability, Calvin dominated the boards and was able to create extra opportunities for his teammates. He has been an outstanding leader this year for the Wildcats as he brings a strong work ethic and a positive attitude to each practice and game. The team will continue to rely on Calvin as they head into the heart of their season.

Talvin Dhingra ’24 -Thirds Squash

Talvin has given his all so far in this early season for the boys thirds squash team. After missing two practices this week, he entered the teams initial ladder tournament without complaint; taking on several top ranked players with his best squash of the season and placing near the top of the team himself. Furthermore, he has shown a thoughtfulness about the sport, conducts himself with the attitude of a true sportsman, and has seized every opportunity to improve. Talvin brings a positive, team first type mentality to the team every day and, by doing so, has lent a positive example to all his teammates. The team and his coaches look forward to Talvin’s continued growth on the courts this season.