Athletes of the Week


Aidan Bourbonnais ’20- Varsity Field Hockey

As a four year player for the varsity field hockey team, Aidan has been a valuable piece to the puzzle of success for the squad this season. Her strong play continued this week as she put together another fantastic few games. During her senior game against Loomis on Saturday, she scored one of the Wildcats two goals and was critical in the fast break attacking plan all game. As a starting attacker, she provides a base of support for her team as she is quick up front and is always putting pressure on the other team’s defense. The team looks to Aidan each year as someone who knows the game well and can help others learn new skills providing solid leadership for the squad. The team is proud of all that she has accomplished and all that she has helped the team to accomplish.   We are excited to see her end her Williston field hockey years on such a high note.

Liam Coughlin ’21- Boys Varsity Water Polo

Liam has been invaluable to the boys varsity water polo’s success this season. His value was evident this past week as he led the team to a strong final week of play against a challenging squad from Loomis. In goal, Liam is a reliable defender, and was able to make crucial saves to keep the Wildcats in the game, totaling 13 for the day. Additionally, Liam has perfected his outlet passes which have proven essential to Williston’s effective transition game. He also was able to get a taste of field play in the JV contest Saturday. Liam works hard every day, in and out of the pool, to be the best athlete and teammate he can and by doing so has brought leadership through example all season. The team looks forward to his continued success and contributions during his senior campaign next season.

Annika von Schoeler-Ames ‘22 – Girls Varsity Cross Country

On Saturday at Berkshire, Annika’s fighting spirit was evident as she placed in the girls varsity cross country’s top seven for the third consecutive race. This was her best race of the season, placing fourth for the team, and sixth overall, out of 56 runners. Annika ran a strong and confident race throughout, despite falling in the second mile.  A tough, veteran varsity runner, she simply got up and continued up the next hill, keeping her spot ahead of the #1 runner from Westover, and Berkshire’s second and third runners.  Annika trained hard this summer and is getting into racing condition at the right time of the season as the Wildcats head into the NEPSAC Championships next week.

Junior Laham ’20- Varsity Football

Junior has been a critical piece to the success of the varsity football team all season. He capped off his PG campaign by having a career day for the Wildcats Saturday night against a challenging opponent from Salisbury. He managed to pull in 8 catches from his wide-out position, accumulating a whopping 139 yards. Two of those catches were for touchdowns and another was a two-point conversation, making him a part of much of the Wildcats scoring on the day. Most importantly, Junior was able to prove his toughness and team-first mentality by having a strong day blocking for his teammates. He showed everyone that he is indeed a well-rounded player, answering the call of his teammates when they needed him the most. Junior has shown a great deal of growth this season and the Wildcats will look to him as they head into a very challenging opponent from Brunswick this weekend.

Cristina Negron ‘22– Girls Varsity Soccer

Cristina has had a great season for the girls varsity soccer team this fall.  She has been a great playmaker, terrific passer and dangerous finisher all season for the Cats. On Saturday, against a very strong Loomis team, Cristina scored the only goal of the game off an amazing finish from a corner kick. By doing so she allowed her team to pick up the hugely important win, 1-0. In addition to her strong play on the field, Cristina is a great competitor and teammate. She works hard day in and day out to be her best on and off the field. By doing so she provides fantastic leadership, as she inspires her teammates to do the same. The team will look to Cristina to continue her great play and provide that steadfast leadership to help them finish the season strong!

Izzy Ireland ‘23- Girls Varsity Volleyball

Izzy has been an instrumental piece to the success of the girls varsity volleyball program this season. Her first year on the squad, she stepped right into the starting lineup for the Wildcats. As a middle blocker, her growth into a dependable front line defensive player has allowed the team to play its full “playbook” whatever the state of the rotation. As her assertiveness on the net has improved, so have the team’s fortunes.  She has been a significant contributor to the team’s recent success! Izzy’s offensive presence is also taking form, and her increased aggressiveness has led to a more varied attack for the Wildcats. Izzy also profoundly impacts the team on the practice court. Her gentle disposition, easy sense of humor, and intense focus combine to support the core spirit of the team. This leadership by example has been punctuated by her willingness to speak up more vocally as the season has progressed. As the team enters the final week of the season, the rise of our young corps inspires hope for continued excellence for the volleyball program.

Poojaa Prakash Babu ’21- Girls JV Cross Country

Poojaa had one of her best races of the year on Saturday at Berkshire, leading the second seven to convincing wins over five opponents. She placed 8th for the team and 16th overall, out of 56 runners from six schools. She continues to train hard in practice and brings focus and energy to every race.  She was not quite able to catch the #1 runner from Miss Hall’s, but she did hold off pressure from the #4 runners from Berkshire and Westover, finishing with an impressive time of 25:35 on a challenging course. Poojaa is well positioned to do very well in next week’s JV race at the NEPSAC Championships at Nobles.

Benning Johnson ‘22- Boys JV Water Polo

Benning was an important cog in the boys JV water polo success this week. Against Wilbraham and Monson on Wednesday, Benning scored 3 timely goals to help lead the team to a victory. Against Loomis on Saturday, he was a crucial two-way player for the Cats, providing reliability in the center forward position on offense while providing tenacious defense against the stronger Loomis squad. His efforts were without a doubt crucial in helping contribute to the thrilling win for Williston. Benning brought an excellent attitude and work ethic to every practice and game and by doing so has left an indelible mark on his teammates and coaches. The Wildcats look forward to his continued growth next season in the pool.

Leila Minkara ‘21 -Girls JV Soccer

Leila has worked hard throughout the entire season and has been an asset on the field for the girls JV soccer team. She has continued to astonish and inspire her squad as the team’s goalie with her amazing dives and jumps creating some fantastic saves. Her incredible form and quick reflexes allow her to cover both high and low balls, as she can extend her body across the goal. When Leila is not in goal, she has dedicated herself to becoming a strong force in the teams’ defense. She applies constant pressure on opponents and goes in strong for every tackle. Beyond her field skills, Leila has been an excellent teammate, keeping a positive and encouraging attitude. She has worked hard to always be her best and has played a huge part in the Wildcats success this season. The coaches and team are proud of Leila’s contributions this year.

Caleb Boyko ‘23- Boys JVA Soccer

Caleb has had an excellent season for the boys JVA soccer team. His season was highlighted as he scored in both of the team’s most recent games. His first goal came from a perfectly placed and undeniably beautiful header. This goal showed his tremendous growth in his skill and knowledge of the game of soccer. His second goal was the lone goal in the contest, which secured the win for the Wildcats. Not only has Caleb had strong performances on the field, but he has also been the consummate teammate, as he consistently provides his team with an upbeat and positive voice of encouragement from the sideline. The team and his coaches have enjoyed watching his growth and appreciate all of his dedication to helping the team be successful.

Ashley Nguyen ‘20– JV Field Hockey

A four year player, Ashley has shown tremendous improvement each year on the field for the girls JV field hockey team.  This fall, she has been a force on the forward line for the Wildcats.  She has scored four goals this season, making a significant contribution to the team’s winning record.  Her speed, strong stick skills and determination make her a leader on the field.  She shows up every day ready to do her best and her teammates and coaches appreciate her work ethic and positive attitude. The team looks forward to seeing what she can do in this last week of the season and they will continue to lean on her for her inspiring play and leadership.

Hugo Bundy ’23- Boys JVB Soccer

Hugo played a spectacular game on Saturday against rival Berkshire. He worked tirelessly to prevent the ball from entering the goal area. Hugo’s resolve and persistence to win the ball fueled his drive to sprint towards Berkshire’s forward players. He consistently put pressure on the attackers, resulting in a quick removal of the ball from the defensive area. He pushed himself to take away the ball from his opponent, dribbling it around other opponents, and passing it up the sideline to the midfield teammates. He repeatedly diverted the ball from entering the goal by using his body as a shield, preventing at least three goals. Hugo demonstrated purpose to defend the goal at all cost, passion to push himself to win the ball even when he was growing tired, and integrity to play fairly. The team is proud of Hugo’s accomplishments and growth this season.

Grey Vachon ’23- Boys JV Cross Country

Grey has been fantastic all season long for the boys JV cross country team, but in particular the past two weeks of the season have been his best. He has been eager to get back in shape after some time away from competition and his work ethic has truly been remarkable. At Salisbury on Saturday, Greg proved his toughness on a challenging course. He pushed hard up the final hill and had his best finish on the team, earning a personal record time of 23:45. This time was a three minute improvement from the first week’s race, a testament to his determined mindset. Grey shows great promise on the cross country course and the team looks forward to his continued growth and success in years to come.