Athletes of the Week

Camille Armaganian ’24- Girls Varsity Hockey

Camille has been instrumental in the girls varsity hockey team’s success all season long. Her work ethic is one of the best on the team and provides a excellent example for her teammates. She builds momentum for her line and the team because she is constantly hunting pucks and playing aggressively. Camille has been a consistent force and catalyst for the team playing in all situations this year. She truly is a 200-foot player and has shown our underclassmen how to create offense and defend. She has also been an exceptional leader on and off the ice. Camille’s work ethic speaks for itself, and she brings levity to our group while still being a serious competitor. Her coaches and teammates look forward to her continued contributions this season.

Connor Graff ‘26- Boys Varsity Squash

As a new varsity player, Connor has climbed the ladder to #5 on the team. Against Trinity Pawling, he won his #5 match 3-2 after being down 0-2 to start the match. As coach Curtis-Resnick described it, he won through pure will. Connor’s athleticism and physical fitness are elite, but what truly sets Connor apart is his mental fortitude. His team celebrates his intensity and drive and they look forward to his continued growth on the squash court.

Erin Reilly ‘27- Girls Varsity Basketball

Erin has been a great spark for the girls varsity basketball team off the bench all season. Erin played a crucial role in the team’s comeback win this past week, playing stifling defense and hitting some crucial shots down the stretch. Erin brings an intensity to practice every day that pushes everyone around her to be their best. Off to a great start to her Williston career, being just a 9th-grader Erin has a bright basketball future ahead of her.

Olivier Lapointe ’25- Boys Varsity Hockey

Olivier is playing some of his best hockey of the season, committing to a 200 ft game. Tenacious on pucks and winning 1v1 puck battles, his defensive play has been highlighted by his grit and determination. A top penalty killer who is also on the power play, he finds himself out in most critical situations throughout the game. Olivier is well-respected by his teammates as he consistently leads by example with his hard work on and off the ice. The Cats will continue to rely on Olivier to bring his best as they work through the rest of their season.

Lucy Hoyt ‘25-Girls Swimming and Diving

Lucy has had an excellent season for the girls swimming and diving program. She picked up two big wins on Saturday setting the pace in the 200 and 500 freestyle. She is consistently one of the hardest workers in practice and that has translated into early season success. The team will continue to rely on Lucy for her dedicated efforts and point scoring ability as they move through the rest of the season.

Will Lee ’26 – Boys Swimming and Diving

Will worked hard this offseason and his efforts have paid off competing on the boys swimming and diving team! He has come into the new year on fire with two of his best times on Saturday and some impressive relay performances. He has become a reliable and versatile teammate who is a leader in and out of the water. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Will as they work through the rest of the season.

Ashley Zhang ‘26- Girls Varsity Squash

Ashley has had a standout week on the court for girls varsity squash, having the most competitive matches for Williston against Millbrook, Hotchkiss, and Berkshire. She played with focus and grit, diving for the ball multiple times. Additionally, Ashley has been working hard at practice and is a supportive teammate. The Wildcats will continue to look to Ashley for her inspiring work ethic and leadership by example as they work through the rest of the season.

Eben Colby ‘26- Boys JV Hockey

Since day one, Eben has worked hard for the boys JV hockey team in both practices and games to keep getting stronger. His determination and great attitude contributed to his rapid improvement, and he has emerged as one of our most effective two-way defensemen. He is solid in the defensive zone, but Eben is also quick to react and advance the puck up ice to create offensive opportunities. His talents were on display last weekend as the Cats hosted Pomfret. Eben played a key role generating scoring chances on our powerplay getting strong shots on net which ultimately resulted in a rebound goal for the Wildcats. His coaches look forward to seeing Eben develop even further this season, and he will certainly play an important role in the success of the team in the weeks ahead.

Juliana Castelo ‘26-Girls JV Basketball

Juliana is new to basketball this year yet has already picked it up quite quickly. One of Juliana’s best attributes is her desire to get it right. She asks clarifying questions when she is learning something new and tries her hardest in every practice and game. This past weekend against Cushing, Juliana scored 4 points and had multiple defensive and offensive rebounds. Her scrappiness and competitive fire come out when playing against the other team, but she is consistently supportive of her teammates, getting just as excited when they do something well as when she does something well. Her coaches look forward to working with Juliana throughout the rest of the season and to seeing how she continues to develop as a player.

Luke Lockbaum ’24- Boys JV Basketball

Luke played a huge part in the boys JV basketball teams’ success this past week. He had 14 points and 12 rebounds, 8 of which were offensive rebounds, in a win against Suffield on Wednesday. He also contributed 6 points and 6 rebounds against Berkshire on Saturday. He controlled the boards and anchored the team defense to help the team go 2-0 this week. The Wildcats will continue to rely on Luke for his effort plays and stellar leadership through example as they work through the remainder of the season.

Soph DiTerlizzi ’25 – Girls JV Hockey

In girls JV hockey’s last two games against very strong opponents, Berkshire and Westminster, Soph faced over 40 shots per game! She is a force between the pipes that allows our team a fighting chance every game. The team relies on her steady and consistent play game after game. With Soph in net, after each save, the team’s confidence and energy grows providing a much needed lift in key moment. As the team heads into the second half of the season, we look forward to Soph’s continued efforts and consistent play to rally the team!

Joseph Wozniak ’28 – Boys 4ths Basketball

Joey was instrumental in turning things around for the Mighty Fourths basketball team in Saturday’s game against Bement. The team earned their first victory this season in large part because of Joey’s tireless defense, quick reflexes, speedy footwork, and firm placement under the basket where he repeatedly scooped up rebounds.  Joey’s 14 points laid a solid foundation for the team’s 28-22 win. With his serious approach to skill-building in practice and strong communication skills on the court, Joey is proving himself to be a valuable member of the team this season.

Kaylee Le ‘27- Girls Thirds Basketball

Kaylee showed incredible effort on the court during the thirds basketball team’s game at Deerfield on Saturday. Kaylee continues to give her all during practices while exploring new skills. She is able to put those new skills to work during games, proving that her hard work is paying off. During the Cats most recent game, Kaylee’s defense was crucial in the final quarter demonstrating her commitment to the team and her resilience through tough moments. Kaylee has made great strides throughout this season, and the season is only about halfway through!

Rowan Martin ’27- Boys Thirds Basketball

Rowan has had a great start to the thirds basketball season, leading the team in both points and rebounds.  This past week he helped lead the team to two big wins by scoring 12 points in victories over both Suffield and Bement. Rowan brings a great attitude to practice every day determined to improve his game and lead by example. His consistent dependable play and competitive spirit have helped the team get off to a 5-1 start.  The team looks forward to his continued leadership and stellar play as they tackle the rest of their season.

Sadie Dripps ’26 – Girls JV Squash

Sadie is a great athlete who continues to show great dedication to the sport of squash. Sadie brings her happy and positive smile to practice every day. Her energy is contagious. She is always willing to lead warmups and help in any way she can. As the only returning JV squash player she is a role model showing that hard work and consistency make a difference and helps with skill growth.  She is always willing to help other players improve on a drill or explain how to score a match. She is a team player and works well with others. Sadie has the number 1 position on the ladder and should be proud of her efforts. During her matches she works hard and hustles after every ball. Her coach and teammates look forward to seeing her continue to develop.

Adrian Paez ‘27-Boys JV Squash

Adrian did an outstanding job representing Williston this past week for the boys JV squash program. He had a great week of competition, winning his match against Suffield last Wednesday and winning his match against Berkshire last Saturday. Adrian is a true squash player with a refined technique and a natural talent who makes the game look easy. In both matches, Adrian played beautifully by hitting straight down with his forehand and backhand while combining these shots with drop shots. Adrian was able to consistently return balls from the back of the court while keeping his position at the T. He fought for every point of the matches as if they were the match point proving his competitive nature. His coach applauds and admires his effort and his passion for this sport and is looking forward to see his continued growth this season.

Elise Burke ‘ 29 – Thirds squash

Brand new to the sport, Elise listens actively during practices and works to improve her skills, whether working solo or with a partner.  This week, Elise was the standout player at the match versus Bement.  She had 3 high-scoring games, tied the score often, and pushed the last game’s score to 12-14.  Elise was a strong competitor, worked hard to return all shots and kept good positioning regularly returning to the “T”.  Above all, Elise is committed to improvement and sets a good example for her teammates in doing so.  Congratulations, Elise!