Athletes of the Week

Wes Haynes ’24 – Boys Varsity Hockey

Wes has had a strong start to the season for the boys varsity hockey team. He notched 2 goals in the Cats’ opening win over Academie St. Louis and 1 assist against Avon Old Farms. Wes plays a hard and physical game and leads by example in all that he does. The only returning starting defenseman on this year’s team, Wes has done a great job working with his new partners and mentoring our younger players. The team looks forward to his continued contributions as they move through their season.

Margaret Edwards ‘25 – Girls Varsity Basketball

Margaret had an incredible start to the season for girls varsity basketball. She notched a double-double in the Cats’ first game of the season leading Williston with 20 points to go along with 10 rebounds. More importantly, as a first-year captain, Margaret has emerged as a leader in the program setting the tone both on and off the court. The Wildcats will rely on Margaret for her inspiring play and leadership as they work through the rest of the season.

Christopher Doubleday ’25 – Boys Swimming & Diving

Christopher, a team captain for the boys swimming and diving team, has been impactful in the water, on the pool deck, and in the locker room leading the program over the first few weeks of the season.  He has been leading by example and has impressed the coaches with his attitude and his composure. The Wildcats will rely on his leadership and strong contributions in the water this season.

Mya Schattin ‘25 -Girls Swimming & Diving

Mya opened the new season with some impressive swims against NMH recording a 2nd place finish in the 50 freestyle and 3rd place finish in the 100 butterfly, both were best times. The junior has had a great attitude and has been pushing herself to improve each and every day.  This should be a great season for Mya and the team looks forward to her continued efforts in the pool!

Eddie Howell ’24- Boys Varsity Squash

Eddie’s leadership as captain of the boys varsity squash team this season has been remarkable. Eddie combines hard work and perseverance with the biggest heart around. He is uniquely attuned to the frustrations that others feel when they miss a shot or have a rough set. He always has a platitude ready to refocus players on the future and what they can still achieve rather than getting stuck in cycles of self-doubt. And when he breaks it down at the end of practice, he can be heard echoing off of Mount Tom! The team and his coaches look forward to more strong leadership as they work through the season.

Monique Lyons ‘24- Girls Varsity Hockey

As one of the Wildcats’ assistant captains, Monique has already made a tremendous impact in the team’s scrimmage and first game. Monique came into the season with 99 points and tallied three points in the scrimmage and two points in our 4-1 win over SPS. In the last three years, Monique has developed into a 200 ft player, where she takes great pride in her defensive game and continues to be a major offensive threat. Monique’s knack for the net, playmaking abilities and vision on the ice make her impactful every time she is on the ice. Her coaches and teammates look forward to Monique’s leadership and contributions this season.

Betsy Gaudreau ’24- Girls Varsity Squash

As team captain, Betsy’s leadership of the girls varsity squash team has been commendable. Having to fill 6 open spots on varsity this year, the team needed a strong, compassionate voice to helm the transition, and Betsy has thrived in that role. Constantly optimistic, Betsy helps build team unity through huddle share outs, laughing at her own mistakes on court, and breaking it down with passion at the end of each practice. Her teammates will rely on her this season for her leadership, support, and inspiration.

Ozora Yazaki ’27- Thirds Squash

Brand new to squash, Ozora has fully committed himself to learning the sport.  He arrives each day eager to learn and to practice new skills. Ozora approaches all drills and activities with enthusiasm and beautifully adjusts when he receives feedback. He leads the young team by example and has already shown strong racket skills and intuition for the game. He has a promising squash career ahead of him!

Bella Marinello ‘26 – Girls JV Basketball

Bella played a pivotal role as she stepped into an unfamiliar position with ease in the JV basketball’s first road victory against Kingswood-Oxford. As point guard, she kept her composure during a physical game with a KO full court press. She was able to start her offense effectively, defend intensely, and help her team through many ups and downs. Bella proves time and again that she is a tough and fierce competitor!

Casey Mattis ‘27-Girls Thirds Basketball

Casey has come to thirds basketball practice each and every day with a smile, ready to play. Casey always has a great attitude and is willing to put herself outside of her comfort zone and try new drills. It is evident that she wants to expand her knowledge of basketball, because she is always trying a new technique or skill during the downtimes of practice. She can go with the flow, shake off any mistakes, and try again, which is key in learning a sport! Casey’s coaches appreciate all that she has contributed and look forward to her continued growth this season.