Athletes of the Week

Daliah Elvin ‘24- Varsity Volleyball

As one of varsity volleyball’s team captains, Daliah has excelled in her role this year and stepped up in both her play and leadership capabilities. Daliah is one of the team’s most consistent players and her quiet presence allows for the steadiness and control that the team needs to be successful. Her float serve has been particularly successful this year and has racked up numerous aces. This year she has taken the extra step and realizes that by being disciplined in her transitions, she can have success and consistently kill the ball. Daliah holds herself to a high standard. When coaches ask her to do something challenging, like extra sprints, she always gives it her all. She leads by example, and her team feels lucky to have had her as part of the squad these past three years.

Josh Schuetzmann ’24- Varsity Football

Josh has been a stalwart at left tackle for the Wildcats all year long. Whether it be in the run or pass game, Josh always does a great job carrying out his assignments. Currently the Wildcat offense is averaging 39 points per game, 6 more than the next closest team in the league, and Josh is a huge reason for this. Furthermore, his leadership has been nothing short of remarkable all year. The Wildcats will continue to lean on Josh as they work through the remainder of the season.

Avery Blumberg ’27 – Riding

In team competition at Terry Alen Farm on Saturday, Avery earned a 1st place award in her jumping class and a second place award in her flat class which earned 12 points for the team. Avery competed strategically and with purpose, remaining positive and supportive of her teammates at all times. This was a huge competition with 11 high school teams competing and Avery was a key player to get points for the team. The team looks forward to more strong performances as they work through the rest of the season.

Jack McIntyre ‘24 -Boys Varsity Soccer

Senior midfielder Jack McIntyre scored two great goals against Cheshire Academy last week in a convincing 4-0 win on Sawyer Field. His stunning first goal came off a well-timed volley that found the top corner of the net, and he was in the right place at the right time to blast his second goal past Cheshire’s goalkeeper from close range.  Jack has worked very hard to improve his game with the JVA team in past seasons, and he finally achieved his goal of making the varsity team this fall.  He is a great example of a student athlete who has come through Williston’s soccer program to make many important contributions at the highest level of competition with the boys varsity team. Congratulations, Jack!

Catie Putt ‘26- Girls Varsity Soccer

Catie is a natural athlete, who competes every time she is on the soccer field. She is a versatile player, willing to play whatever position she is asked to play. On Wednesday against Taft, she played tough defense all game, but was pushed up to wing for the last 5 minutes. Due to her drive and intensity she scored a beautiful goal by beating her defender to the ball and making no mistake with her perfectly placed shot. On Friday, Catie stepped in to play center back for the game where she had no trouble shutting down the Pomfret attack, which aided the team to a shutout. With minutes left in the game, Catie pushed onto the attacking third with the ball, initiated a give and go, and fired a rocket from the top of the 18 yard box finishing the game with a big 4-0 win! Her coaches are thrilled with Catie’s play so far this season and are looking forward to the rest of the season with her!

Jumpei Ro ‘26 Varsity Water Polo

Jumpei had a fantastic week for boys water polo!  Jay has made sure and steady progress this fall through hard work and attention in practice. This past weekend was Jay’s chance to show how much he has developed scoring 6 goals in a huge win over Hopkins 16-15 following an earlier season loss. Jay dominated from his position in front of the goal scoring amazing goals both at even strength and at 6 on 5. Jay’s emergence as an offensive powerhouse gives this improving team even more options to present to their upcoming opponents.

Gemma Polino ’25 -Varsity Field Hockey

Gemma has been a member of the varsity field hockey team’s core four of the defensive unit for 2 years now. She has worked hard to improve her skills and has helped inspire her teammates to become better tacklers. In the games this past week, Gemma made many key stops inside the defensive 25 and inside the circle. She is willing to play any defensive position asked of her and asks questions to make sure she is putting her team in the best position possible to win. Her team is looking forward to a great end of the season from Gemma!

Erin Reilly ‘27- JV Field Hockey

Erin was a dynamic player in JV field hockey’s game against Taft last week. She scored once and was a pivotal presence on the field throughout the game. She keeps the energy up as a midfielder, routinely playing all four quarters without losing her hustle. Though Erin is new to field hockey this year, she picked up the game in no time and quickly became an essential part of the roster, integral to the team’s success. Erin’s coaches and teammates look forward to more strong play from Erin as we finish out the season.

Ava Howard ‘25- JV Volleyball

Ava has been an integral part of the JV volleyball team since day one, but this week she really showed what she was capable of on the court. She has put in lots of work to better all her volleyball skills over the course of the last two months, and it shows – her serves and passes were a key contributor to both team wins this week. Ava also brings lots of energy, a positive attitude and great resilience to the team. She consistently cheers on all her teammates loudly during games and makes an effort to include every member of the team on and off the court. She adapts quickly to changes and puts in her best effort no matter the circumstances. Her coaches and teammates are so glad to have a wonderful player like Ava on the team this year and they are sure she will continue to bolster the team’s success in the last weeks of the season.

Reece Berrien ‘27-Boys JVB Soccer

Reece has been essential to JVB soccer throughout the season. His ability to excel in all positions shows his versatility and understanding of the game. His dedication, effort, and work ethic are evident in every practice and game, demonstrating what it means to be a complete player. His skills and sacrifice for the team played a big part in the win against Cheshire last week. His teammates and coaches are looking forward to his continued growth on the field this season.

Elise Edmunds ‘28-Thirds Volleyball

Elise is a strong returner to the thirds team, entering the season with honed skills and a very positive attitude.  She has become a very consistent player as her teammates depend on her to return the tough overhand serves from her opponents.  On the court, she is there to high-five her teammates when needed and, on the bench, you can hear her supporting from afar.  Elise is an integral part of the Wildcats’ successful season!