A Year of Williston Scholars Projects


Williston Scholars courses allow students to pursue a topic they are passionate about, encouraging them to really dive in, independent-study-style. Our year-end Williston Scholars showcases are a chance for the community to experience their work, be it in rocket propulsion or performance. This year’s showcases—a gallery-style exposition on May 19 (photos here) and a variety show on May 20 (photos here)—represented 52 projects done by 49 scholars across seven academic disciplines.

The projects are as follows:


Pippa Berry – Crimson Æons
Lily Bruce – The Insect Garden
Hana Naughton – Flâneur
Quinn Pollack – Dainty Thing
Ronan Robinson – Charlestown 1949

History and Global Studies

Grace Bean – A Progression of Zionism and Why it is in Need of Preservation
Edward Bergham – Witchy Business: Protest Elements Within pre-Christian, Pre-Industrial, and Neo-Pagan Witchcraft
Jakob Frates – Aptitude is Not a Commodity: The Effects of Economic Disparity on Standardized Testing
Connor Hagness – The Filibuster: The Rapid Rise Over the Last Decade and the Need to Reform This Political Turmoil
Anita Hua – Thomas Jefferson and Slavery at Monticello: The Two Sides of a Coin
Benning Johnson – EMS: Looking Under the Gloves
Sarah Markey – The Power of Names; Uncovering the Agendas that Teach American Superiority
Tyler McMorrow – Contradictions in the Haitian Revolution: An Exploration into the True Character of Toussaint Louverture
Melody Pan – Vulnerability and Identity: Women Artists’ Response Towards the Collision of Second-Wave Feminism and the Vietnam War
Siga Pouye – Revealing America’s Influence on Nazi Germany’s Race Criminalizing Laws
Amy Ren – The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Low-income Families in China


Lily Bruce – The Seasons of Horace in Modern Day
Rosie Crooker – Grimm Fairytales: The Original Endings and How the Stories are Told
Aaron Gonzalez Sobrino – Boarding Schools, a Favorite Destination for French Speaking International Students
Vasu Jain – Manners & Etiquette: A Representation of the Japanese Upbringing
Avi Kacker – Learning Spanish Through TikTok
Francesca Polino – Soccer ou Football: Analyzing Similarities and Differences Between French and English Soccer Commentary
Henry Wiemeyer – Chironomia: A Demonstration of the Language of Hand Gestures
Annika von Schoeler-Ames – Hippolyta and the “Hero”: A Modern Retelling of Hercules’s Ninth Labor


Kai Hori – Homemade Flight Computer for a Model Rocket
Jerry Landman – The Effect of Foreign Substances on Baseballs

Performing Arts

Edward Bergham – Among the Greatest Things (A Theatrical Retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh)
Julia Borden – The Struggles of Love: Trauma in Romantic Relationships Through Song
Belen Degener – Three Strangers (an original choreographed piece)
Sage Friedman – As the Sun Comes Up (a play)
Liz Gluz – Catastrophe (a play)
Tyler McMorrow – A Phonetic and Musical Exploration of Swedish and English Art Songs
Tucker Motyka – Justice Through Music: An Exploration of Protest Songs from 1960s-80s
Connor Queenin – The Sandwich: A Story Told Through Electronic Music and Pictures
Lily Vengco – Better Love: An EP Collection of Underrepresented Love Stories


Hira Asghar – The Breakdown of Pediatric Leukemia
Everly Carrol – A Meta-study on the Neurobiological and Cognitive Psychological Effects of Poverty During Childhood
Frannie Cataldo – A NEAT Way to Train a Neural Network
Teaghan Hall – Sports Psychology and Mental Health
Victoria Hop – How Technology Can Help Alzheimer’s Patients
Tucker Motyka – Pond Health: Pursuing Restoration and Sustenance of the Williston Pond Through Studies of Its Connected Aquatic Ecosystem
Harini Murugan – What is the Best Approach for Agriculture in Drought Affected Areas – Genetic Modification or Traditional Practices?
Kiko Xu – Can Prefrontal Cortex Development Be Used to Determine Sentencing Standards in Cases of Juvenile Violent Crime?

Visual Arts

MJ Charles – Mythological Portraits (drawing & painting)
Hannah Choi – The Old Elm Tree (Class of 2022 painted mural)
Sammi Friedman – The Exploration of Life, Death and the In-Between (mixed media)
Adeline Hume – Fashion and the Teenage Dream (digital photography)
Sarah Markey – Deteriorating Lens: An Exploration of Alzheimer’s (mixed media)
Lily McAmis – Erase your Social: Painting with Fire: An Experience (painting)
Walter Solzak – God is Dead: God.mp5 (video)
Marley Wingfield – Diurnal: Storyboards and Plans for a Future Short Film (mixed media)