Facebook Ad Request

Please fill out this form if you want Communications to advertise on Facebook for you. It is the first step in the process. We will follow up with you within 48 hours. Overall, please plan on five business days to set up a Facebook ad, however, it may take less time.

  • Please select a start date for your ad.
  • Please enter the time.
  • Please select the date you want your ad to stop running.
  • Please enter the time.
  • How much do you want to spend per day?
  • What audience do you want to reach? Options include an uploaded list, people in a certain geographic area or demographic, and people who like our Facebook page or website. You can discuss this with Kate in Communications. If you want to upload a list, please plan on at least two business days to process your request. Lists must be in the approved format for Facebook to accept them. See Kate for information on how to format your list. If you don't know what audience you want to reach, you can say "I don't know" and we can work with you.
  • What link do you want the ad to lead to?
  • What image do you want to use? Note: still photos can be transformed into videos to increase user engagement. You can ask about a specific photo/video you want or make suggestions and we can find the right image/video for you.
  • What do you want the ad to say? You have room for primary text, a headline, and a description. Here is a recent example: Primary text: “Williston is a place to become our very best selves. It is a place to call home.” —Matt and Sarah Sawyer// Headline: Make Your Gift Now// Description: A Place to Call Home