French Teacher

Sue Michalski


Coach - Equestrian Driver


Phone: 413-529-3285

I live with my husband and two daughters on campus, where I have been a dorm head/parent, advisor, and French teacher since 1999—and thus count many, many other “kids” in my extended family as well. I currently work in the 9th grade advisory program, and teach six courses, French I to AP, and the Williston Language Scholars course.

I fell in love with French during my undergraduate time at Dartmouth College, where I trained and worked with language pioneer John Rassias. My subsequent studies abroad changed me, and I have dedicated my adult life to teaching French. For twenty years, it has been my craft, my passion, and my purpose. I feel everyone can and should learn more than one language. In my immersion classroom, I strive to keep language learning alive, active, and always fun. Above all, I encourage my students to make mistakes, to embrace them, and to learn from them (something that any one of them will tell you I model regularly!)


Dartmouth College (BA); Middlebury College (MA); L’Université de Paris X; Mount Holyoke College (MATL); Recipient of Fulbright Fellowship